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  • From Glennbo: ""Peer review" as an editing method for scientists to get published is a deeply corrupt system..."

    Pretty close! I like Glenn but he's gone wayyyyyy over the edge into Doggie land since I met him years ago. :nuts:
    "If you don't like the science, find some evidence strong enough to stand up to peer review. If you're right, your evidence will stand and you will get a generation of young scientists who will take your data and use it to overthrow the old guard and establish their careers. If your evidence is weak, you will be dismissed as a crank or a science denialist."

    I haven't read farther but I'm going to guess that you're mistaken. It is all a big liberal conspiracy to only allow "their" scientists to find the "truth." ;)
    "Got a workable plan for that? Sticking corks in volcanoes? Banning wildfires? Killing all fish, animals and insects? Refrigerating the oceans"


    cork the volcanoes!
    "This shows a profound misunderstanding of what free speech is all about."

    Ed Zachry! Why do so many intelligent people not know what this is? smfh
    "You're very presince in this forum diskwalifys you from calling peopel loosers for the gams they play."

    KED: I fixed you're post, stoopid!
    "Hee hee. How much scorn has Ms Obama picked up for trying to encourage healthy eating and exercise?"

    She's the devil! :angry:
    Cut and paste my friend, cut and paste. Thanks for the rep. I was just trying to counter SLAKs babble.
    Thanks for the kind feedback, Andy. Now more than ever, America needs to come together.
    "I bet black people didn't vote for Jefferson Davis either. Racists!..."

    Yes, this guy, Matt, the main host of "The Atheist Experience" is very interesting to listen to... I love his show and watch it weekly.
    Do you suppose that Scott Torturous watches Feaux News? He referenced Saul Alinsky. :rolleyes: I had a friend here in BR reference him too on a fb post but then I already knew he watched it. ;)
    "I don't know how I got them confused. Afghanistan is a fractious backwater..."

    Forgot something I heard on the radio the other day. The local classic rock station has a morning show called Walton & Johnson. They're kinda funny when they aren't doing political stuff (and sometimes then). Years ago they started defending Bush almost every day a little bit but now they've gone all Fox News on us once Obama became president (or before then idk). Anyway, they were talking about Ron Paul and how he ought to be Sec of Treasury when the Reps win (a foregone conclusion in their minds). And he can start dismantling all the bloated gubmint crap. But then they said it would take forever to get anything done in Washington nowadays. The VERY NEXT SENTENCE was if Obama gets reelected he is going to start taking away our freedoms, our guns, installing Islam as the official religion, etc. How is he going to do that if it takes forever to... never mind...
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