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    In My Not So Honest Opinion That You Didn't Ask For But I Gave It Anyway :cool:
    I'm not mocking you. I agree that Evan should get with the times and take Paypal orders-so should the Bunker Boys. I have an impulse control problem:smoke:
    To be honest Michael, with the sad demise of Jim McLeod, you were the first Canadian ASLer I could think of. I reckoned that even if you were a fair distance away, which was always the likelyhood, you'd be able to direct him to a closer chap for assistance. My Canadian geography is almost as bad as my spelling! I have pointed him towards the canadian ASL website and that seems to have several Montreal based players. Hopefullly one of them will be able to help.

    Thanks anyhow,
    Yours Aye
    yup, just to say I'd passed your details to a montreal based player who might be contacting you to be put in touch with others. And ask if this was ok with you.
    There was a game that Egyptians invented, resembling today's miniature wargames. Don't recall any data, but I think that they played it primarly for checking new tactics (kind of grandpa of Kriegspiel). So even couple of ages ago, nobody treated chess seriously. So much for "warlike chess".
    I just cannot imagine couple of ancient geeks, arriving to the ancient Chessfest with boards laminated with goat's skin, and pawns set in ancient Plano :).
    I had just changed my sig line about 2 seconds before you repped.

    Man that was fast.
    "Thanks for the ID by the way - needed it for a photo caption for a book."

    Huh? :hmmm:
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