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  • MD,

    Looks like the masses want to use Carpiquet for the scenario design contest - is it OK for me to repost what you originally posted in the monkeys and typewriters thread in a new announcement thread? Anything you'd like to add to it? Seems like a good scope for getting a few different designs out....


    I'd really like you to think about writing an introduction to WW2, with the material you already have written, I'd almost be willing to bet the farm that it would be a history top seller. Think of the people you can introduce to ASL through your knowledge and research of ASL? You have talent Michael, real talent. I hope you keep writing!
    Still drawing a blank. What does it, whatever it is, have to do with a bank teller? :hmmm:
    Hi Michael, I tried to send you a PM but your list is full. Jan. Its great to become GS 'friends'.
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