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    Clearing The Breskens Pocket with a doubled OOB anybody?

    I fear my easy-going nature has once again concealed the razor sharp barbs of what was intended as a heavily sarcastic notion.....NOT an earnest suggestion! :)
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    Removing (a bit of) luck from ASL

    why not just get a deck of 36 cards, each one bearing the result of two dice, distributed per the usual - 1 card with snake eyes, two cards with a 1 and a 2, etc. Instead of rolling, you pull from the deck. Once pulled from the deck, you don't replace it in the deck until you've pulled 36...
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    BG Part15: RSO Kaetchen & SdKfz 11(A)

    oh, 99a - "variant" vice "varient"
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    BG Part15: RSO Kaetchen & SdKfz 11(A)

    I have a KStN for the 65th Infantry Division in Italy, and just to emphasize the Raupenschlepper Ost was not just used in Russia. The 65th had a large number on its establishment, I presume for use as gun tractors.
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    why so high?

    They were drafted.
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    Daisy chain counter: is there such a thing?

    Daisy Chain is destroyed as soon as it used, so why would you need a counter for it? Per B28.531 "A SSR may allow....a Daisy Chain....Such placement is noted on paper...A Daisy Chain...can attack only once; thereafter it ceases to exist."
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    Total number of counters in AH's/MMP's ASL Core Modules?

    The countersheets are all shown at BGG. They're standard layout, totaling them would be trivially easy.
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    Monkey With Typewriters (Past & Present) *WHERE ARE THEY NOW*?

    I published mine in Tactical Wargamer's Journal:
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    6.999 Russian Multi-Applicable Vehicle Notes - Note J

    That would require standing orders that permitted you to burn the vehicle. Canadian standing orders above may be of interest. Crews abandoning tanks were required to discharge the fire extinguishers on exit. As for destruction...
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    ASL at Mount Royal University, Calgary - Sunday March 10th, 2019

    I really enjoyed that first ASL day at MRU - a really great venue. I'll try and make it out this weekend and this time perhaps actually stick around for a game.
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    Forgotten War counters expanded into regular ASL

    No reason to disagree, though it would be interesting to know if the issue of the gun was really widespread, and more importantly, if it changed tactics at the lower levels in any appreciable way. In the ETO the Americans had such air, artillery and tank superiority it almost seems beside the...
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    Forgotten War counters expanded into regular ASL

    They also use one in the Bastogne episode where the combat patrol goes out and bumps into the German line. I do believe "Bulldozer" in Sgt. Rock occasionally used one (but only when Russ Heath or John Severin did the artwork - Joe Kubert usually gave him a water-cooled .30, for all the sense...
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    Forgotten War counters expanded into regular ASL

    British colour US SW could be used for scrounged weapons from US built World War II AFVs, though if memory serves these already exist in the ASL system?