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  • "I don't want any guns. What I really want is a really good katana. Yeah, I'm strange."

    "Absolutely correct. Power does that, even if they start out with good intentions.

    The ONLY solution to that is to shackle the politicians with ironclad restrictions on their ability to interfere in our lives."

    Again, :clap: You're full of good posts today. I always thought you were full of something. ;)
    "Sadly, I reject the author's basic premise because it's clear a lot of people aren't in Washington to solve problems. They're there for the power.

    And that's really all there is to it."

    "The bulldog. They eat a lot, sleep a lot, are expensive to maintain, stubborn, and contribute to global warming. Nevertheless, they are lovable."

    I don't use Paypal, but send me a 'snail mail' address and I'll send you some money to help out with an ASL forums.....
    Hi Don,first thanks for the site,I have a lot of fun here. I was wondering about EVE online. It looks like an interesting game and several times now I have backed out of starting an account. If you don't mind I would like to ask you a couple questions. Is it a fun game if you remain an individual and don't join a corp? Is it a difficult game to learn? How would it be to play for someone with almost no MMO or online gaming experience? My online gaming experience was the old 2am game Chain of Command. It was easy as heck to learn and simple to play. Would I be getting in over my head trying this as my first MMO experience. I know you said something like the game is much more rewarding if you join a corporation, but I'm just not sure that type of game is for me. Perhaps I should just re-install Homeworld and be happy :)

    Thanks now for any help you can give me. And don't worry about taking a while to get back to me if you can, because I'm in no hurry. Take care buddy and God bless.
    Thanks for the input. I'm still considering it though. Gonna wait till summer when I get my computer onto a faster connection before deciding.
    Hey Don, I'm debating on whether or not to download Steam onto my computer. I already have Impulse. I am Steam's website right now and was wondering if Steam is necessary if I can just purchase the games off of the website. Can you tell me the pro's and con's of Steam?
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