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    Trump pardons sailor

    Yeah, that's true. But most sheriffs and a whole lot of lower level judges are elected, and that's where a good percentage of cases are decided. But I'm not entirely sure I would argue that a judge appointed by a politician is all that much less "political" than one who is elected. Perhaps a bit.
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    Was World War 2 really decided in just 5 minutes?

    Sure, but hold on a minute. Judged by 2018 standards, exactly which major historical conflict was free from this racism? In some it played a more overt rule than others, but an argument can be made that racism was one of the fundamental driving factors in virtually every human conflict in...
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    Stan Lee might be almost broke, 'Picked apart by vultures'

    'Picked apart by vultures': The last days of Stan Lee Considering the intellectual properties he created and his status at Marvel, Lee ought to be worth truly huge money. A lot more than a typical celebrity. Instead, he may be close to broke. Even when Marvel was bought by Disney, Lee somehow...
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    RIP Toys R Us

    I essentially agree with von Marwitz. The way I see it, these big chain stores are often of questionable value. For example, Guitar Center put a lot of mom and pop guitar stores out of business. Some of those stores were old and tired and the owners had grown complacent and lazy, thus they...
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    Announcement: Product rating system coming soon

    As part of the ongoing forum upgrade and reorganization, I'll be tweaking the ASL forums either later today or tomorrow. The Product Announcements forum will be going away. It sees almost no use and just further complicates the forums. There will be a new forum which, hopefully, some of you...
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    Dieting is dreadful. I'll just leave that here for all to ponder.

    Dieting is dreadful. I'll just leave that here for all to ponder.
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    North Korea: Kim invites Trump to summit on nukes, Trump accepts

    Not sure I see the problem here. Most of the officers I used to attend battle update briefings (BUBs) with used the same kind of notes. Hell, sometimes it was part of my job when I was on brigade staff to help prepare such notes. And I frequently wrote similar notes to myself when heading up...
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    Trump pardons sailor

    I agree it should be very limited. But I don’t agree that governors or presidents should stay completely out. They're the last line of defense against injustice. Besides, most prosecutors, attorney generals, sheriffs and judges are elected and run for office. They ARE politicians, so the whole...
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    Trump administration studies seeking the death penalty for drug dealers

    I used to be for the death penalty, but no longer because the process is too flawed. And “I” am not suggesting anything. This is what is being reported in the news. I merely posted an article and then got the conversation started by asking how relevant laws in other countries are in determining...
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    South Africa Votes To Seize Land from White Citizens

    It upsets me greatly because there was so much promise there. I’ve been contemplating a trip to South Africa for some time, but not sure if I’m as interested in going now. And yes I’m aware of the abominable way people treat anyone not of their own ethnic group there. You would think that with...
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    North Korea: Kim invites Trump to summit on nukes, Trump accepts

    No, I’m agreeing with you that it’s quite possible Trump is at odds with a good portion of his advisors. I don’t know if he is or not, but that wouldn’t exactly come as a surprise if it were true. The guy is all over the place ideologically. And if it is true, then my initial reaction is that...
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    Upload a File not working?

    That appears to be an intentional decision on the part of the Xenforo developers in an effort to try to keep things looking consistent. They did something similar with avatars. And I actually appreciate that feature, because I used to hate having avatars of every conceivable shape and size...
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    Was World War 2 really decided in just 5 minutes?

    Yeah, but here's the thing: Did it actually appear that way from the German and Japanese perspective of the period? It's hard to see through their eyes, knowing what they knew, and colored by the respective worldview they held at the time. Afghanistan, for example, has been at war with both the...