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  • "I do not feel compelled to induce you to do anything, whether it is choose to un-ignore me or not. As I am sure you of all people are well aware, I cannot make you do anything, or feel anything. I cannot change how you act, think or communicate. That's all on you, Mark. Do as you wish."

    I can't rep you for this so :clap:

    PS Why do you create such a poisonous atmosphere around here?!?! :angry:
    Melvin was very up front about what he was doing even before he published his scenarios. He wasn't hiding anything about what he was doing even in person at ASLOk.
    For this one: "pervert....." and the two following comments a virtual rep can only be given. ;)
    "and if you're really that annoyed by someone hijacking your thread, just select "ignore" and the song lyrics will go away, ne'er to be seen again."

    What would Pitdog have to bitch about then... well I guess he's always gonna bitch ;)
    "I have three very happy moments in my life to share about my dad..."

    I was on vacation and couldn't respond with Michelle's stupid ipad. :angry:

    Sad to hear but you have some good memories of him. Thanks for sharing.
    "I just want to know what you gonna do when you hit 25K posts!!!!"

    I still check in from time to time but most of my time is spent on fb or doing stuff for my website.
    The pack sounds cool. Good luck with it! I had some scenarios on our website until Cox discontinued hosting webpages. I'll get around to looking for another place to host my stuff again one day.

    I never did get the stuff. The guy got them too so now I can't even have stuff sent to my wife's office. :(
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