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  • No. I have a stack of unopened games on my desk that I have to review, plus a ton of work on the website.
    The original Duke Nukem is so old I can barely remember it now. This is probably one title that has passed its time, but we shall see if they ever release it.
    Busy as a bee. We're getting ready to launch the improved web site, and that has been a ton of work. But fun work, for the most part.
    Things seem to be OK now.
    My pm limit is 65 now and I could neg rep someone if I wanted to.
    BTW, I see that a "Monty" already exists, so I believe that I could rather have my pseudo changed to "Montagu"...

    I returned you to the regular members group. It may take an hour or so for the system to promote you to the appropriate level. If it doens't happen let me know.
    Don, your pm inbox is full, so here is the pm I sent to Alan, Jazz and Brent :

    Hi, friends,
    Thanks to Don for his kind words.
    It was a pleasure to serve as a moderator during all these years.
    I certainly will remain an active contributor on the forums (and a supporter of the staff).
    GS remains the best ASL forum on the Net!
    And I go lurking (and sometimes express myself) in other sectors of GS - though I shy away from the political stuff, because I don't catch all the... subtleties of US politics (and I got flamed by CPangcracs - but he is mentally ill, anyway...).

    Now I have some questions :

    - Shouldn't an anoucement be made about the change of moderators (even it is only the first step, before Alan is out and one or two new candidates have been accepted)? I believe this would be the staff's job.

    - My pm limit is now only... 25!
    I believe that this is not enough, considering the number of my posts and the time I have been on these forums... It must be a bug linked to my change of profile data.

    - I noticed that I can only give positive reputation to other forum members.
    It is not a real problem for me, as my philosophy is never to give negative reputation :smoke: - but I believe it could still be some "bug" linked to the change of my profile...

    - I would like to change my pseudo to "Monty" (my second christian name is Montagu). Would this be possible?

    Now, though I believe I have a natural restraint in the way I express myself, I could sometimes hit a little harder some of the "special guys", when they sow some bad seed in the threads.
    Don't hesitate to tell me when I go too far - though I won't go for personal attacks (again, my philosophy is "respect people, but no pity for ideas").

    All in all, may my Lord Jesus bless you (whether you believe in Him or not, He loves you and won't withhold His blessing hand) - hey, you could have guessed that having a pastor around would lead to some occasional spiritual expression! :halo::whist:

    Have a nice time, dudes.
    See ya.:ciao:

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