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  1. Dr Zaius

    EVE vs other MMOs: What you need to know

    Players considering jumping into EVE Online frequently have a lot of questions as the game is quite different than other MMOs. Too, many new players experience a great deal of frustration at first and end up quitting or spinning their wheels trying to figure out some aspect of the game that...
  2. Scott Tortorice

    How to run a magazine using virtual money

    A Wired bit on Eon: How to run a magazine using virtual money
  3. Scott Tortorice

    Competitive Chess Boxing: Brain Meets Pain in Iceland

    This is a tie-in to an event that occurred at this year's recently concluded EvE Online Fanfest. The article, though, is interesting beyond any EvE connection: Competitive Chess Boxing: Brain Meets Pain in Iceland
  4. Scott Tortorice

    EvE Coming to Android

    I really want to see EvE become more mobile capable. Hardcore space MMORPG fans be prepared, Eve Online is coming to Tegra 2 Android devices in the future!
  5. Scott Tortorice

    The Empyrean Age Novel

    Has anyone read Tony Gonzales' EVE: Empyrean Age novel? After having it sit on my Amazon shopping list for years :), I finally took a chance and ordered the mass market paperback. It arrived the other day and immediately surprised me with its girth - this sucka is over 500 pages! That's a...
  6. Scott Tortorice

    A Future Vision

    CCP released "a future vision" video of EvE today...and what a vision it is: Top Story: A Future Vision Cool. :cool:
  7. Scott Tortorice

    EvE is "Real"

    I do agree with this sentiment. CCP has made a game that ditches the game-y mechanics found in just about every other game and instead decided to make a title that resembles "real life" - with all the difficulties and complexities that implies - in more ways than one. That takes a lot of...
  8. Scott Tortorice

    Gamers Flock to Iceland for EVE Fanfest

    Little article: Gamers Flock to Iceland for EVE Fanfest Just wake me when they get around to the station-walking and captain cabin videos. :)
  9. Scott Tortorice

    New EvE Novel in September: Templar One

    Not much known, but the cover is real cool :smoke:: Amazon link
  10. Scott Tortorice

    Inspired by Iceland

    Good find by RPS: http://vimeo.com/12231666
  11. Scott Tortorice

    CCP Gets Bit by the Chess Bug

    It was bound to happen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YaBWBmYfqVQ :D I hope they have a follow-up vid with the results!
  12. Scott Tortorice

    EvE Helps Japan

    Of course, the MSM will never cover a pro-gaming story like this: http://www.gamesquad.com/news/eve-online-players-organize-japan-relief-effort
  13. Scott Tortorice

    Captain's Quarters Coming

    Interesting news blurb: CCP Confirm “Captain’s Quarters” For Eve When all this is implemented, that is when EvE could become dangerously addictive. It will be like Silent Hunter in space, which has been a dream game of mine for years now.
  14. Scott Tortorice

    Commissioned Officer Edition Announced

    Can't wait to hear the howls about this! :D Commissioned Officer Edition Announced
  15. Scott Tortorice

    Curt Schilling: You Need To Be A Real Man To Play EVE Online

    I hope video of this pops up at some point: Curt Schilling At New York Comic-Con 2010: You Need To Be A Real Man To Play EVE Online :D
  16. Scott Tortorice

    If you could Live in New Eden....

    If you could live in New Eden, what would you do? Would you choose the immortal, but oft-deadly life of a pilot? Or would you rather live an ordinary but safe life on the ground?
  17. Scott Tortorice

    EVE: CCP Gives A Damn Interview

    Good interview here: EVE: CCP Gives A Damn Interview Highlights: I think that is an honest and accurate answer.:D Hmm.... Incarna could make EvE the most addictive game ever. :D
  18. Scott Tortorice

    Create a Starship Contest

    Deviant Art is hosting a "Design a Starship" contest for EvE Online. Check it out: http://news.deviantart.com/article/128272/ They're giving away some nice artsy gear. Better hurry, the contest ends next week.
  19. Scott Tortorice

    New Character Creator Coming

    New dev blog: http://www.eveonline.com/devblog.asp?a=blog&bid=803 That's cool. I just hope my char can maintain his "man of mystery" look. I've grown fond of it: How does your char look? Post it here!
  20. Scott Tortorice

    Some Items I would Like to See from CCP's Store

    As usual, I am enjoying my sci-fi vacation (as I like to call my periodic EvE sessions :) ). The game really feels like it is coming along nicely. I can't quite put my finger on just what has changed, but it just feels more engaging since last year. I think CCP is back-filling a lot of...