Some Items I would Like to See from CCP's Store

Scott Tortorice

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Nov 18, 2003
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As usual, I am enjoying my sci-fi vacation (as I like to call my periodic EvE sessions :) ). The game really feels like it is coming along nicely. I can't quite put my finger on just what has changed, but it just feels more engaging since last year. I think CCP is back-filling a lot of gameplay chrome.

Anyhoo, I was checking out the EvE Store because I heard that it got a face lift and was a bit disappointed. I really didn't see anything new, and a lot of the stuff is still listed as "sold out". I hate online stores that don't carry any products. :angry: Why even have a store?

And that got me thinking about something:

For me, EvE's universe and 40K's universe are two of the most engaging settings in all of gaming. There is a ton of potential waiting to be tapped. GW smartly recognized this fact early and started the Black Library, which published fan fic, original novels, calendars and more over the years. I hope CCP follows suit because I think they are in a good position to do the same. Some easy cash-generators I would like to see:

  • An EvE Wall Calendar: EvE is one of the most photogenic games ever. Even people who don’t play it have purchased and enjoyed “The Art of EvE” (check Amazon for some interesting testimonials). With that in mind, it is somewhat surprising that no one has put together a yearly wall calendar! Putting together a calendar is the easiest thing possible as you only need a dozen screenshots and someone to write a brief introduction and a few captions for the pictures. Then you slap an advert for the game on the back cover and you’re done. Game calendars sell extremely well (my B&N store used to go through cases of WoW calendars) and enjoy a ridiculously large mark-up, too.
  • A Short Fiction Collection: Again, I think this is a no-brainer. Like 40K, EvE has a very active, very talented fan fic community that has managed to uniquely flesh-out the EvE universe. While I am glad to see that we now have two EvE novels (sadly, the most recent - The Burning Life – is apparently a dud as it has received a lot of poor reviews), novelizations take a lot of time to write and publish unless you go the GW route and hire a cadre of writers. CCP should follow GW’s clever lead by getting their library off the ground by releasing “best of” fiction anthologies. Again, like a calendar, this is easily done as CCP is already collecting and publishing fan fic on the website and for their mag. All they would have to do is appoint an editor to consolidate the tales according to a theme or time frame, write an intro, and send it to the publisher. Tor seems to be CCP’s publisher, so they wouldn’t have any problem getting it into print.
  • A Strategy Guide: Once upon a time, there actually was a strategy guide for EvE (back in 2003). Paradoxically, now that the game is a success and more complicated than ever, we don't have one. :hmmm: Considering how EvE has a "newb unfriendly" rep, a comprehensive strategy guide would seem like a no-brainer. This would take a lot of work, though, as the game is still changing and there would be a lot of material to cover, but I still think it would be a worthwhile endeavor and I bet would sell extremely well, too.
Just some ideas I had. I truly believe EvE could have a publishing offshoot just as productive and profitable as the Black Library. I hope we get to see it one day. :)