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    Inside the Failure Cascade

    Interesting article; http://www.tentonhammer.com/node/71300
  2. Dr Zaius

    What do you make of ambulation so far?

    Opinions on this upcoming expansion to the EVE Online universe seem to be split, with a lot of people expressing concern it will alter the "tone" and "feel" of the game. Are you looking forward to ambulation or do you see this as CCP wasting time and money that could be better used on other...
  3. kawaiku

    Can corps build their own space stations?

    Has there been any mention of allowing corps to build their own space stations? Or have I missed this aspect of the game?
  4. Chaim628

    Eve Uni under siege

    Well, what a start. Just got in an Eve University is getting a wardec... once again. From Cry Havoc this time, after the last one just ended. :angry: Good thing is I got to fly fleet in low sec :smoke: Wonder why corps are targeting Eve Uni this much...
  5. Scott Tortorice

    CCP Recognized for Vision and Growth Potential

    CCP Recognized for Vision and Growth Potential
  6. D

    Eve Online - Guide to flying a Caracal

    Eve Online - Guide to flying a Caracal The caracal, is a very popular ship within Eve Online and can fil a variety of roles to suit the needs of whoever is flying it. From low-sec piracy, to fleet-work, to level 3 missions, the Caracal can be tailored to fit into these roles. An example of a...
  7. Scott Tortorice

    CCP Posts Record Profits

    Good news for pilots: Iceland’s CCP Posts Record Profits in 2008
  8. Scott Tortorice

    Day of Darkness II

    I'm speechless.... yXWf-l71MY4 Darn it! This video makes me very angry! Why? Because it forces me to ask myself - yet again - "Why are fan-made sci-fi flicks better than 99% of the junk coming out of Hollywood?!?" I just don't get it! There was more vision and dead-serious...

    Eve University Celebrates 5th Anniversary

    reported by ISD Caiden S'or | 2009.03.21 04:05:24 The doors to EVE University[E-UNI] opened on Sunday afternoon, March 15, 106. Five years later, this University founded by CEO Morning Maniac continues to aid and train young pod pilots. With recruiters always on the lookout for New Eden's...
  10. Dr Zaius

    Are wormholes going to end up like level 5's?

    The sleepers are tough. And they are meant to be tough. That's cool, but is the reward really worth the level of risk and the time involved? It would be sad if wormholes eventually become like level 5's because the risk vs. reward ratio is screwed.
  11. Dr Zaius

    What do you think of adventures with the sleepers so far?

    It should be pretty obvious to everyone by now that adventures in wormhole space are going to be much more time consuming and dangerous than level 4 missions. It may even be that level 4 missions in low-sec are safer than the average wormhole. A lot of people are having fun with it, but I...
  12. Dr Zaius

    The best EVE Online review ever! Seriously. I mean it.

    Everything in this video is true. That EVE is still somehow fun is, well, one of the great mysteries of the universe. Enjoy. http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/view/zero-punctuation/208-Eve-Online
  13. Dr Zaius

    Is it time to force players to join a player corp?

    There are a lot of complaints about people "hiding" in NPC corps in order to protect themselves from war-decs. In the past, a lot of these complaints have come from pirates and griefers who were just unhappy they couldn't indiscriminately target every other player in the game. But increasingly...
  14. Dr Zaius

    The Sleepers have awoken

    Looks like CCP intends to make wormhole space a dangerous and interesting place. Everyone who has encountered the sleepers on the test server has come away telling stories of the difficulty of dealing with them. Apparently, their technology is far superior to any of the four races. They can...
  15. Dr Zaius

    Socialists become capitalists when they play EVE

    There are a lot of EVE players that come from socialist countries or nanny states where the government is heavily involved in every aspect of the economy (and we all know how talented politicians are at "managing" the economy). So it's interesting to see how these folks morph into...
  16. kawaiku

    Questions about the EVE Universe(s)

    Hi guys, I've been following the current discussion about the incident with BoB and the fallout affect it had with Goonswarm, and this has lead me to ask a few questions concerning EVE... 1) Is EVE in one all-encompassing server or are there several major servers that hold all of the...
  17. Dr Zaius

    What do you think of BoB's new name?

    BoB is no more and the alliance has reformed under a new banner: KenZoku. Some people are claiming the name came from a sushi bar or something. The title "BoB" (Band of Brothers) wasn't terribly popular in some quarters, either, but is KenZoku an improvement?
  18. Dr Zaius

    Goonswarm infiltrator destroys entire BoB alliance!!!

    If you haven't heard by now, a senior member of BoB sold out his brothers and, using his status as a director, kicked all the corporations out of the alliance and then disbanded BoB after stealing its assets. We're talking an entire fleet of super capital ships, piles of ISK, fuel, the whole...
  19. Dr Zaius

    EVE Online and CCP may be forced from Iceland

    CCP games, creator of EVE Online, might be forced from Iceland due to the banking collapse there according to this article from the Guardian.
  20. R

    CCP strikes again

    Apparently, for the last 4 years, there has been a bug with Gallente large towers--the building blocs of player owned stations. This bug has allowed some large alliances to create complex reactions--something needed to produce tech 2 components and ship--out of nothing. That's right. Out of...