The Empyrean Age Novel

Scott Tortorice

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Nov 18, 2003
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Has anyone read Tony Gonzales' EVE: Empyrean Age novel? After having it sit on my Amazon shopping list for years :), I finally took a chance and ordered the mass market paperback. It arrived the other day and immediately surprised me with its girth - this sucka is over 500 pages! That's a good sign.

Second good sign: the writing seems to be quite good. I was afraid it was going to be a long winded bit of fanfic with flat prose, but it actually seems quite good so far (albeit, I'm only a handful of pages in). Gonzales definitely has a good grasp on the EvE's mechanics and lore, so no complaints there. Even better, the story is suitably dark (both literally and metaphorically) and moody for it's setting. I am particularly enjoying how he is bringing the concept of a capsuleer to life. It really feels real. I am also enjoying how he has captured life on board these vessels from the POV of the ordinary crewmen. There's more than a little sea tale in this book - which is the way it should be. :)

Again, I'm just getting started but I am thoroughly impressed.

BTW: Mr. Gonzales wrote two novellas you can download here: