EVE: CCP Gives A Damn Interview

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Nov 18, 2003
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Good interview here:

EVE: CCP Gives A Damn Interview

Eurogamer: How big is EVE Online?

Torfi Frans Olafsson: We sometimes consider it a problem how vast the game has become. We have to remember that it came out initially in 2003, but of course the game then was a mere shadow of what it has become.

Every six months we've had expansions - some of them smaller, some of them larger. We look at it much more as a world than as a game - a combination of multiple interconnected systems.

People often complain about the steep learning curve of EVE. I agree it's steep if you're trying to learn the entire game, but you can play parts of it and be happy for years.
I think that is an honest and accurate answer.:D

Eurogamer: I asked some of our readers what they'd like to ask you, and this is what they said: Are we ever going to see an overhaul of low-sec space?

Torfi Frans Olafsson: We have a number of developers, me included, that really want to push low-sec, and we are looking at a large number of opportunities to do so.

Incursion will involve one good tidbit for low-sec, which will make it more valuable and interesting to people, and we're really curious to see what the effect that will have.

Eurogamer: What is that, can you say? Or is it a secret?

Torfi Frans Olafsson: It's a secret.

Eurogamer: You've revealed that Incarna - what used to be called Walking in Stations - is playable internally and will be released in summer 2011, and that the foundations for Incarna will be laid in Incursion's character creation overhaul this winter. What's more, you said Incarna itself will only be the start. So, what's the overarching goal of Incarna - just how much of a change to EVE will it make?

Torfi Frans Olafsson: The end-goal, which will take a number of expansions to realise, is that players will find it unthinkable that this game never had avatars; that the experience of flying your spaceship and entering a space station.

Walking inside an abandoned site the middle of nowhere, walking inside a space station on the surface of a planet - this experience is seamless, and adventures happen in space and in avatar mode. That they're two different modes of the same thing.
Incarna could make EvE the most addictive game ever. :D