eve online

  1. Dr Zaius

    Carrier on the horizon

    Been training for carrier for quite a while now. Won't be much longer...
  2. Dr Zaius

    Presentation on graphics from EVE Fanfest 08

    This is very interesting. Check out the animated Dominix. Looks like CCP is on the cusp of introducing some really impressive graphics in the not-too-distant future. http://evevault.ign.com/View.php?view=Movies.Detail&id=30
  3. Scott Tortorice

    Eve FPS?

    From GamesIndustry.biz: CCP hints at EVE first-person shooter Hmm...I wonder if this is a way to test some ideas about incorporating an FPS into EVE at some point? I mean, once we achieve ambulation, a FPS component is a natural evolution.

    EVE Fanfest 2008

    Anyone lucky enough to be going to Fanfest this year? If so, take a lot of pictures for us that can't go. :upset:
  5. Scott Tortorice

    Making a successful corp in EVE

    MMORPG.com has an interesting article on making a successful corp in EVE: You can read the rest here.
  6. Scott Tortorice

    Quantum Rise Release Date Set

    From CCP: You can read the rest here.
  7. Scott Tortorice

    Quantum Rise Announced

    EVE Online: Quantum Rise Announced Sounds good!
  8. Scott Tortorice

    May Her Reign Be Long!

    All hail Empress Jamyl Sarum! :salute: RoorXvpfLwE

    Vale of the Silent Conflict Grows

    News from the War Front, "Northern Coalition"(which my alliance Morsus Mihi belongs too) fighting "Band of Brothers"(BOB, which is the most powerful alliance in game). Some virtual politics. :) http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=012c4tYPF7g Vale of the Silent Conflict Grows...
  10. Scott Tortorice

    Election Results for Council of Stellar Management

    CCP has announced the results for the election of nine delegates to the Council of Stellar Management (CSM), a democratically-elected representative council of players chosen by fellow EVE Online players after an exciting two-week voting period that ended May 16. You can read the news...
  11. Dr Zaius

    Have you ever lost a valuable ship?

    Today, I lost a fully equipped Gallante destroyer with a cargo bay full of juicy equipment I looted from some frigate wreckage. The cargo included a bunch of implants (valuable) and weapons that I was on my way to sell at Couster II. I ended up in a fight with 6 Caldari ships. Three of them...
  12. Scott Tortorice

    EVE Trinity

    CCP announced EVE Trinity: BEFORE AFTER