EvE Coming to Android

Scott Tortorice

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Nov 18, 2003
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I really want to see EvE become more mobile capable.

Hardcore space MMORPG fans be prepared, Eve Online is coming to Tegra 2 Android devices in the future!

Eve Online will be slated for Tegra 2 Android devices if for no other reason due to the sheer graphical awesomeness that resides inside the game. It will be available for both Tegra 2 phones and tablets although it will be interesting to see how it functions on a phone considering how the user interface is fairly detailed. CCP is still experimenting with what exactly the Android version will include, whether it will be a client to have full game use or just an application where you can do things on the side not including the heavier stuff like combat. Judging by the statement from CTO Hallor Fannar, the first release may be more of an accessory with the full game coming after.