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  • No I didn't forget your name. I was just afraid that mentioning you by name might draw you back out from the nether regions of the underworld to post that pic again! :angry:

    And your real name is the same as mine (my nickname is Richie and that's what everyone knew me by before my new nickname but who's counting). ;)
    "HRH, on the other hand, needs to recognize his prissy behaviour is precisely the behaviour he rips into on a frequent basis. He, like many of us, I'd venture, needs to grow the EFF up every now and then...it's amazing the goodwill it fosters."

    You're dead, 100% bloody right he can't
    But it's beautiful to watch him squirming and thrutching for the right words to hit out with
    Well, glad they seem to genuinely be enjoying the series. Being normal teenage girls, one has to wonder if all the naked soldiery plodding about may have something to do with it. Lord knows Tabetha was always watching such flicks in the name of art. Of course we never EVER did such things as little nippers ourselves :). As for ruining them for future mates, that is your expected duty as man of the house. Let mom prepare them in some practical manner. Your mission is to corrupt, pure and simple.
    So how did the kids respond to Basilone buying the farm? Did they already know it was coming? Why I wonder have him stiched by mg bullets when he was really killed by a mortar blast. Geeez. BTW, nice shot of Jennifer Connoly. She was at her absolute peak in Carreer Opportunites and definitely passes the Adrienne test. Had a boob reduction done. Sigh.................moment of silence.
    Hehe, no problem :) I wasn't really being serious. It's just the second time that's happened in a week!
    Here's the thing, Trev: have you seen any denial? Retraction? Sure the mods deleted the post, but I'm left hanging in limbo while Dorosh was able to bring attention to his deviant little games. *I* know he did it, I have no doubt, whatsoever.

    I'm more than a little perturbed noone in authority has had the common courtesy to cover my back on this. Not one feckin' word from a mod or Don, NOTHING. So, once again, completely inexcusable behaviour appears to go unchecked while I'm left with a potential mess to clean up while some pathetic loser gets to sit at his keyboard throwing my name God-knows where, simply because I won't kowtow to him.

    What? It's just a coincidence my user name and real name pop up conveniently where Dorosh suggested everyone look for it? And how dumb would I be to need to have two user profiles on any site, anyway? Just some sort of perverted insurance on Dorosh's part, that's why.
    Now then, are we sure about this alleged creating a log on ID on a porn site. Do we know for a definite fact it was Dorosh?

    I say this because if he did he is a mark 1 scumbag, but somehow it's not his style...

    You probably know Ol' Fezziwig is a character from Dickens?
    Hey, Fezz. I really am quite mad that MD not only gets a win with the rep thing, but can be left untouched by his false accusations about you. I believe this is getting much more serious than one could have expected. This guy should be banned for ever : his contributions to ASL amount to nearly nothing, he swamps the forum with useless threads and unending posts, he lies, he cheats, he generates multiple conflicts... Unfortunately, he seems to have found the way to escape any serious sanction. This is a shame.
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