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  • "Its not all that bad here, but there are a group of topic cops on CSW who, on one hand blow a gasket at an OT post but on the other are more than willing to throw out an OT post if its something they want to talk about."

    A certain member here, who doesn't like me at all and claims that I don't really play ASL (I guess I'm an asler... maybe not even that ;)), posts funny posts from time to time and some are lol funny but as soon as I do it he complains to Don about more moderation yet again. I guess that he a) doesn't like my humor, b) doesn't like that I get more of a laugh from the guys or 3) just doesn't like me partly because I'm more popular or I don't play his game with the same gusto or reverance or whatever he does.
    "PLUS I find that most topic cops are perfectly fine posting non topic posts when they feel like it. I guess I think its is sort of like the pot calling the kettle black type thing........"

    Ed Zachry! :clap:
    Guitar center had an Easter sale. I got a Fender acoustic DG 60 for 100$. I'm working on CAGED and scales. I can do e to e on the e string and can do the major? Penatonic, 3-6,3-6,3-5,3-5,3-5,3-6. Hopefully by Oct. I'll be better.

    Try it with the low E7, Birdsong. Second one I learned. I can't wait to jam at ASLOk!
    You got it right. Thanks for the mention. I tried to rep you but I need to spread some love around.
    I mean we get it, you do not like them (frankly you do not seem to like HASLs at all). Maybe they (the booklets) are beneath you and your historical knowledge. That's fine. But to most of us who are not "historians" are fine reading some pages on a battle. I know nothing of this battle. I welcome the opportunity to be introduced to it."

    Can't rep again so soon :clap:

    Put a feeler for a game with Pete in the next month.

    Same to you.

    What's feasiblity of a big day long as discussed.

    Been looking at latest LFT and B&J - lot of stuff in there be interested in. To your taste the Indonesian Civil War stuff in Pacific city board looks interesting.

    I like SR's written in a storytelling style....and I've read some very good ones.
    I just can't buy into the :
    467 in 32z4 prep fired (rolled 3.1-NMC)....
    "you still give MMP too much credit:>)"

    Actually I don't. I just don't bìtch about it and dwell on it. It might be that I've got everything also. Do I wish more would come out (and more quickly)? Of course. I also think they should at least try and keep the stuff in print but understand the difficulties they must face with reformatting the old stuff, storing too much stuff, keeping the vets interested with new stuff, etc.
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