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  • You need an avatar. It makes following the postings in a big discussion a little easier.
    Rep comment should be "quote" not "qoute" . damn autocorrect changes almost everything but missed that.
    "Stop whining about Critical Hit then...

    You have a kind of duality which is utterly bizarre."

    Eat sh!t and die in a fire, you fat phuk POS! :angry:
    "You're definitely unlucky...

    You wound up in hell and you're not even dead yet"

    "This is happening now don't you think? The Palestinians have brought this upon themselves.

    PS: It's 'sow' not 'sew'"

    "I think banging on about people on here being dead is a bit of a new low."

    You must be new here. ;)
    You should know asking Doggie to stop doing something will not not work it will encourage him to do it as often as possible if he knows it annoys you. ie Tate and scrote comes to mind.
    "Some people take ASL far too seriously though.

    Whenever I see shite about 'careers' and 'improving tournament play' I have to remind myself that a) we're supposed to be adults and b) it's a fking game, using dice, and little square cardboard gamepieces."

    :clap: You said it, shirtlifter! ;)
    "It doesn't surprise me that you believe in fantasy stories. I get the impression you live in a bit of a fantasy world where you spend most evenings peering into a well saying "it rubs the lotion on the skin or it gets the hose agin":

    "Can I add one thing...."

    :clap: I like Don too but he just seems lost over anything to do with CH. smh
    "Complete hypocrisy in the space of two sentences...
    Got to be a record."

    Not even close. Happens regularly in P&R, usually from the RWers but it's on the LWers as well.
    "Now you've gone and put a picture in my mind of Scott mincing out of the interview when things didn't go his way, and calling the panel "scum bags" on the way through the door."

    "Tie him to a chair and let a homosexual muslim loose on him...
    I think Tater would spontaneously combust before penetration occurred"

    "Can you live with killing an innocent person ?"

    Cue Tate and his usual killing of unborn babies... :rolleyes:

    I'm against abortion but who am I to speak for others when it comes to their bodies?
    "Thanks for the rep.
    Some people on these forums....must realise that making un-educated and ill-informed comments on subjects they are ignorant of is a very dangerous thing to do.

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