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  • understood Carl, Im going to be busy for the next few years but I will try to have at least 1 evening/morning per week; all work and no play...
    Hi Paul. Very little gaming here as well I'm afraid. Work has simply overwhelmed me. I get in at 10PM every night and I'm just too damned tired to play. I get some sporadic gaming in on the weekends, but it with a couple of friends I have played for years on VASL. Still, love the game. Given that there was a massive layoff in work though, I won't go oining for too much spare time to play. Hope your situation is not too bad. Best of luck with it.
    Hi Carl, sorry I havent been in touch - Ive had a few issues to deal with. I havent been in touch with anyone - Its been a self imposed exile but Ive been doing a lot of reading of the ASL rules and even more in love with the game - its unreal.
    Hope we can catch up soon.
    All the best Paul
    Bad showing this time out, only 1-2. Happens from time to time. Still, had a good time of it. Two of the games lasted a combind 20+ hours.
    Hi Carl,
    feels great to be part of the ASL community all thanks to you! Just wondering if I could provide some target practice for you this Friday for around an hour? Was looking at doing a SK2 scenario (15/16/17).


    ref the meet up the date isnt a real problem but the time....thats boxcars for me! I think GMT is 3am!! no can do!! Any help with downloads will be greatly appreciated and if you can do any meets on weekends preferably Friday/Saturday then that would be awesome as I have the basics down now.
    Well, my oldest knew he died on Iwo (my bad) but she really liked the episode; enough, in fact, to have rewatched it again yesterday. As for the manner of Basilone's death, it has been something of a bone of contention since it happened; official USMC records state manner of death as "GSW", despite the anecdotal evidence of mortar fire.

    My youngest, on the other hand, now delights in pointing out female breastage to dear old dad, if only to hear the cries of "BOOBIES!!"...I fear I'm ruining my girls for any future mates...:cool:
    Hey Carl I see DBP2 has shipped and it looks like its being well received ... congrats again I guess are in order. Way to go !
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