1. Robin Reeve

    Winter Offensive Pack 2018

    Well, I must be among the last to have received the WO 1918 pack - I preordered it at Second Chance Games, which cost me about $10 less than orderding from MMP. Here are my first impressions, after having opened (!) the pack and examined the scenarios. The Deluxe boards are beautiful - and if...
  2. william.stoppel

    ESG where for art though?

    So I was at ASLOK earlier this week and happened to notice Mark and David playing ESG 121 Behemoths and Bullet Sponges. I haven't played this one but it is on my list so I stopped to watch for a bit. This led to a discussion on whether or not Glenn and company would ever put out another...
  3. Tuomo

    DASL VASL Razzle Dazzle

    IS THIS HOW YOU LIKE YOUR DELUXE ASL MISTER EAST FRONT MAN? Then have the Map Elves got a treat for YOU :-) Want more? In short, the beta versions of the VASL DASL boards are available. Here: They are BETA. I tested them with...
  4. Houlie

    HtH CC in DASL

    Question: why is there HtH CC allowed in all Deluxe ASL scenarios? HtH in the Streets of Fire scenarios makes perfect sense in most cases, but in a number of DASL scenarios, not necessarily. So what was the rationale for this system change? Wouldn't an HtH SSR done just as well where...
  5. Glennbo

    Deluxe ASL: Yes or No?

    The East Side Gamers are commited to including one "Deluxe ASL" scenario in every scenario pack. Mostly because we love playing on the Deluxe boards, and partly to keep alive this seemingly dying aspect of ASL that we have enjoyed so much in the past, and would like to see continue. Are we...
  6. B

    DASL - yes or no?

    Having had a brief look at the two DASL modules last night, and hopefully will be playing a scenario on them in the near future, I would like to gauge what other people think of the whole DASL idea. I have read Prof Pitmans brief resume of them on his website, so I know what he thinks about them...
  7. Chas Argent

    Would You Buy New Deluxe Boards?

    f MMP put them up on pre-order, how many people would be interested in purchasing a whole new set of, say, 4 to 8 Deluxe boards? "Hell Yes" would be my answer...
  8. K

    Delux ASL

    I always thought DASL would be well received, bigger hexes making the game easier. But reading some threads here it sounds like DASL was frowned upon. Whats the story? And which do you prefer? Is it because larger hexes meant there was less fighting/manouvre room? Or were DASL maps...
  9. C

    Streets of Fire Maps

    I notice that the SOF scenarios are on the MMP website free for download. How do I get the maps to play these on? I don't want to copy them, but I thought maybe since MMP gave away the scenarios, that I would be able to get the maps too! Charley