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  • I've been real busy lately. I'm on fb more than here. But over the 4th (while at my bro's house in Ark) I got out of the habit of posting so much on fb. And when we got back home the comp was going in & out for about a week. Plus I've started doing more on my Leo Kessler scenarios. Add to that, at the end of April I went up to Shreveport & rescued my friend from a real bad situation she had been in. And she moved in with us for as long as it takes for her to get her life straight. She is a long time addict (20+ yrs) and has bounced around from place to place for about 10 yrs. So now I have 2 women who are driving me fukin nutz livin here! :nuts:
    Well Psycho, I know what's going on, and I'm not afraid to talk about it. I just miss your posts. You were one of my favorite things about his forum when I first started, and now you hardly post at all.
    "If Pitman was in that situation he'd be beating little kids with baseball bats if it saved his own hide."

    Oh if only I had rep to give! :clap:
    "I think you have an exaggerated concept of the respect people have for you."

    I've been busy. Football season really slows me down. Now I'm back to writing up stuff for my webpage (scenarios for Leo Kessler's SS Wotan series). That takes up most of my extra time. Check in on fb of course. Right now I'm catching up on the P&R section. Haven't checked in here maybe since end of last year.
    "He probably changes forum personas every time he gets let out of prison and the size of his rectum has expanded. Prison trash changing identities. Probably does it to try to get welfare too."

    I'm sorry I can't plus rep you. I tried to rep at east half a dozen people and can't do it. I did manage to knock down Kotex. :}

    Dorousch must have worked really hard to neg rep me five times in a single day
    "Look at us from their point of view. What about us nerds? Just sitting at a table for hours at a time pushing little cardboard counters. Totally out of touch with reality. Lost in a fantasy. Not exactly turning into fine physical specimens. A meaningless waste of time."

    yep :clap:
    "However my reply is simply, so what? It's still more fun to play that way, and realism arguments concerning a geo-board game that uses two six sided dice and units with three numbers on them are idiotic.

    Realism arguments such as these are STILL constantly being made with this game, and they are STILL dumb."

    Pitman's going to have something to say about this. Don't you dare dis his beloved ASL! :angry:
    "I have to agree. I've read through the entire thing. As a playtester, designer, and publisher I find Pitmam's attitude reprehensible. He does indeed suck all of the fun out of this game.

    One thing I will not miss upon retirement from publishing is Pitman perpetually winnowing down smaller and smaller what is considered proper for ASL. Though I long ago realized that he is not authoritative in any way, it is still discouraging to see so many ASL players cowed by his prissy prohibitions."

    "Somebody likes you, but they're too shy to ask you out.

    Ball's in your court."

    "When I commit suicide I'll be rich, and then we'll see who's laughing!"

    "How many zeros was that? I'm running out of fingers, hold on while I get a pen..."

    Thanks, but it wasn't you fault. At least I don't think you made the bombs. :)
    Thanks a lot for your rep and comment.. I really appreciate a lot your opinion.
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