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  • Bill, thanks for the rep. Btw, if you are doing any open gaming at Bitter Ender or Texas Team Tourney, I'd like to play DASL. I haven't played since the 80s and, per our discussion at Winter Offensive, would like to push some counters around with you.
    Bill, just saw the rep you left for me last April. (Don't log-in very often). Thanks! Great meeting you at Aslok. Hope to sit down with you over a game, sometime.
    You asked about the avatar. It is a counter from Kampfgruppe Scherer. You can see more info on this module in main ASL thread section.
    Hey Bill:

    I have a question. I am looking to pick up some of the 5 gallon MFCs with the red strap for gasoline. Any idea where the military gets rid of the "gently used" ones via auction, etc?
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