asl: operation merkur

  1. almogaver266

    Kreta counters extension for VASL

    Hello guys, Here is the VASL extension for the Kreta HASL module This work have been made together with CountermanCX (thanks again Jeffey :-) Thanks to Steve Dethlefsen from HOB Staff and Rodney Kinney for VASL
  2. Cpl Uhl

    Operation Merkur (Kreta) OM 7 The big one!!

    OM7 - Too Little Too Light is the last and biggest of the scenarios that use the historical map from Heat of Battle's Operation Merkur/Kreta battle study. My regular playing partner and I have played 3 of the 7 scenarios so far (the glider/air drop ones of course). We've avoided the "campaign...
  3. furgie

    Operation Merkur Map from HOB

    Has this been ported into VASL yet? If so, could anyone post a pointer to it please. Thanks. Mark
  4. Carln0130

    Kreta Counter Extension for VASL?

    Hi Guys, the title says it all. Is there an extension for the funky Brit MG's and the 81mm Mtr they have in the game? Any other counters I am missing skimming the rules? Where might I find it if it does exist? Thanks in advance, Carl
  5. benj

    Kreta errata ?

    I'm just beginning the campaign of Kreta, Operation Merkur and found no errata published (yet). Any errata available? And speaking of this, here are some questions, hoping it is the right place to ask: - wounded side of heroes shows 1-4-8 factors instead of 1-3-8, typo ? - SSR5 of...
  6. spwhites

    Is there a Kreta VASL map out there?

    Is there a Kreta VASL map out there? If so, could you post a copy on the forum (here/download section)? :salute:
  7. bennerc

    Kreta - Hill 107 (OM-3)

    I played the German Fallshirmjaegers in Hill 107 (OM-3) from Heat of Battle’s Kreta: Operation Merkur. The Germans enter the battle in 12 gliders and must attack a large hill in the center of the map. To gain the victory, the German must capture 18 level three hill hexes, one of which must be...
  8. tmanmerlin

    kreta map with game, which one ships?

    What map will be shipping with an order for the game?
  9. Stevedeth

    Kreta Map Version 2

    Fellow ASLers, New Krete map is now ready. The new map created due to your demands are done and are being shipped to me today. We have changed the website to reflect this. The map is non-glossy, heavy paper cut into two pieces. It is packaged with a cardboard protector and shrink...
  10. Stevedeth

    Kreta Map Fix (ideas and concerns)

    OK, guys have a good understanding what we can do about the map. I will post the ideas here, please don't turn this into anything other than how it's intended i.e. if you hate me or what we are trying to do I'm not that interested...but if you want to help then I'll listen! The following are...
  11. J

    Review of Kreta please

    As the other thread as gone an unpleasant way, I open this one in order to get if possible (perhaps a bit early) answers to the question asked by l'Emperor (L'Empereur you meant ?) : Except for the map, has anyone got a review of Kreta? I but this stuff for the intellectual content. If I want...
  12. Khill


    Just wondering if anyone has seen Kreta, (the HOB Crete module) on their doorstep yet?
  13. J

    Update from HoB on Kreta

    Eye Candy from Kreta Hi Guys, Please understand that these are just amateur photos of the counters that Andy took, but thought you might like to see some. Here are unarmed German Paratroopers and aircraft counters. Steve is hoping to start shipping next week. Jeff
  14. J

    New CG "Kreta" from Heat of Battle

    Kreta - Operation Merkur Hi Guys, Alright, here it is. Will be for order later this week and shipping end of month. Kreta Huge 56"x40" Map 120 Counters CG 7 Historical Map Scenarios 10 Geomorphic Scenarios This one has been in the works for years and its designer has...
  15. Gunner Scott

    Kreta - Operation Merkur from HoB

    Hi- Saw this posted over at CSW: Kreta Huge 56x40" Map 120 Counters CG 7 Historical Map Counters 10 Geomorphic Scenarios This one has been in the works for years and its designer has walked the battlefield several times. $65 with shipping Map: Sample...