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  • Yeah, I sorta bought it on a whim thinking it was just scenarios. I'm usually the same way about it having to be on VASL.
    Thanks. I would be curious on how the scars showed up with your great uncle. My fathers response to the ASL scenario was very scary -- he was probably entering early alzheimer's at the time -- at the end of the five minute or so discussion he went into a sorrowful eulogy of a friend of his from boot camp, which ended with an odd prayful plea that they split his friend's head open before they sliced him up for fun (at the time I didn't know of the Japanese practice of battlefield mutilation). Before this he did comment on the OOB and questioned it's marine favortism?!? He never mentioned his bronze star that he won at the battle. We knew he had one, didn't know where he kept it nor what action he won it at. He never went to any reunion, American Legion, or any veteran function. He always seemed like he just moved on it the war was no big deal, until he got old and didn't see to be able to control his emotions anymore and we got a glimpse of his experiences.

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