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  • Hi Keith, really nice to hear from you. Had a blast playing you and thanks for sharing a meal and a few laughs as well, made me feel very welcome. Hope we get a chance to meet again and play some more ASL.

    i don't know how to respond to a message, meaning i don't see a "reply" button - but maybe this does it - don't get much FtF except when my son visits, play on VASL, but then only with my son in Connecticut. i am retired, aging a bit, and find the ASL rules difficult to recall without making lots of mistakes, and he puts up with the prompting i need.
    Hi Kieth,

    The pleasure was mutual. If I get to Albany, it will be only to drop in to check out the scene. We will be returning from Boston on that weekend, if we are not heading of to NS. Life in NS is so horrible laid-back/spontaneous; can't get long term planning or commitments out of that province.
    Say Hi to Kelly for me.

    Well it's not like I didn't like them, I just wanted to hear their other stuff. I own the album to the anime and so I knew that they were going to play their songs (even looked up their other live videos from past tours here) but wanted to hear their other stuff. And the Noodles were solid. I don't think they played their best songs imho as they played songs similar to those played by the first band. And they have a nice heavy grunge-like sound to them that I really like. And haha you do!? Not a bad thing. I personally like Grease.
    It was awesome! The Pillows were amazing live and kicked total ass. My only worry, which turned out true sadly, is that their show would consist of songs from the anime that got them famous here in the States. They have many other great songs I would have loved to have heard!All the Way to the Edge of This World, Scarecrow, Daydream Wonder, You Stood There, Like an Angel, and Boat House are just a few of them. I mean, biased rant incoming, why aren't these guys filling out ****ing stadiums!? And thanks for the rep!
    At the present moment I am unable to make any of the folders and have a back log of customers if you are serious about one the last one i sent to the states along with the A4 sleeves cost the guy aroun$100, the shipping was more than the Item.
    Ref , my map holder, made it out of aluminium, aircraft grade as well as the fastners hols around 120 -30 maps.
    Duh, sorry I missed your message Keith. :) Yes, there was more than hope. Freakin' Bruins rule! :) I'm not playing at Povey's this weekend but I should be able to stop by and say hi.
    Definitely time for that. I will send you a few scenarios in June that I would like to play test for CASLO. We can arrange a time to hook up on VASL and go from there.
    No Battle at Beau's this year. Maybe next year when CASLO is in Winnipeg (May 2012).

    I am the Tournament Director for the Canadian ASL Open (CASLO) this year. I'm working on the scenario list (lots of play testing to do), drumming up sponsors, and trying to get some BattleSchool work done in between. Need to have the scenario list done for mid July. And I have a flyer to do up as well. Watch the tournament sub-forum for a CASLO post next week.

    Actually, today I'm posting a poll for the ROF die. Want to get that submitted and moving so I can work on some other dice projects too.
    Also been busy putting some stuff together for View from the Trenches, and doing a little play testing for some European gentlemen.
    I got to two tournies a year. When I go, I look around, mostly older graying, thinning dudes. We need fresh meat in the pool. I try to get them ready to swim in the deep end of the pool with you sharks.
    Keith, I noticed that you visited the newbie room of TheCucko.

    I sent him lots of emails for newbies.

    I doubt you are a newbie from looking at your visitor messages.

    But I would be happy to send the emails to you so that you could forward them on to other newbies and spread the word of VASL, ASL, and Starter Kits to other newbies.

    Drop me an email at if you are interested.
    Was great playing you Keith. Play anytime. When I really retire and move up your way it will be easy.
    Cool, thanks Keith. That was unexpected and generous of him. I thought that he might feature the Anniversary BattleDice in his "museum." Never expected this.

    Thanks! I've had it for a few years on our website and thought I'd try it out here for awhile. :cool:
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