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  • Thanks Steve, I look forward to meeting you the first time in Albany. I will be passing by on the Friday. Rgds Jack
    I remember when the first kid had Rock'em Sock'em we'd flocked to his house as his new best friend, they don't make em like that no
    Thanks for the comment about my Ark collection, all that is missing is a "Mr Pleva" hardwood dice tower, my holy grail........ Hint Hint.....
    "If you play Trezza, you get a vocabulary lesson with each scenario. The gift that keeps on giving..."

    Hi Steve

    The OBA SSR you mention, is that the "Every time you draw a red chit (including the first red chit), put it back along with another red chit."?
    If so, I like it. Have used it succesfully.
    Do you have any statistics on the respective numbers of missions you get with the original ruel vs. this SSR?

    Hey Steve! Thanks a million for the Wunder Wagen counters! they're sweet. Keith said the Albany tourney was great. I hope to get there soon!

    Ted Wilcox
    Gorham, Maine
    Thanks for the great tourney, Steve! I had a blast and can't wait till next year. Maybe see you at the Nor'easter?
    "Correction: Cummins (German) crushes Pleva (Russian with balance) like a bug."

    Ha! You suck! :p

    Have fun at ASLOk. :thumup:
    Saw this on CSW:

    "Friendly Fire doesn't steal official art.

    No, but I hear they cut the tags off mattresses..."

    "I hate it when guys mix Partisan leaders in with a Russian OB..."

    What soldier's take orders from a civilian anyway? :rolleyes:

    Thanks, that Italian guy - ecz was the one forcing the IIFT upon me (stupid T-rule),
    I bid G3 for the Germans in the scenario Old Hickory´s path. Simple pushed the guns to the woods-road hexes and he gave up after 30 minutes, after lossing 5 tanks in an attempt to stop my sleazy-plan, although my first choice was a balanced FrF scenario that he deleted while the other two were SP-dogs (the other one was Barracuda and more obvious of being a dog), regardless of any ABS available.
    Congrats once again :thumup:

    Do you have room for all the hardware in your house? :cool:

    I thought I already sent this to you. If not, here it is again. You can call it what you like...

    Try this:

    "Each time a non-extra OBA Battery Access red card is drawn (C1.21), place it back in the deck along with another red card. In addition, Battery Access is never permanently lost when more than one red card is drawn. Extra card draw mechanics remain unchanged."

    Hi Steven! This is Glenn Houseman of the East Side Gamers. We have a giant Saipan scenario coming out in Dezign Pak 4 where the Americans had constant artilliery support over a two day period, but it became sporatic at times. We want to use your excellent OBA SSR where thee red card is replaced along with another red card, and Battery Access is never lost. I have written it as best I could, but I recall your wording was very succinct and easy to understand. Can you PM me the exact wording, or direct me to the thread you posted it on? We would also like to nickname it the "Pleva" rule if that's O.K. with you.
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