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  • Whit,
    Your box is full. I tried to send this message to you:

    The family and I have moved into an apartment in Portland and are settled enough for me to start looking for a game. I’m sending this message to all you ASLers in Maine. Anyone have time this Saturday for a game? Shoot me an email. First come first serve!

    Cheers all,


    There's a good chance my wife and I will be moving to Maine from Portland, Oregon, this summer. I've identified three Maine ASLers from their signatures here on Gamequad. So I thought I'd say hello to the ASLers in Maine and find out if there is a regular group/club there and where most of the players are living. We'll have some flexibility as to what town we'll end up in, so wouldn't mind landing closer to some fellow players than farther away. I started playing with Squadleader and moved on to ASL in college. I am just off a decade long hiatus (thankfully I didn't sell my kit!), and have been back at the game for about a year and a half now. So I'd call myself an advanced beginner. I figure I'll be welcome in Maine 'cause I'll probably be easy pickings!

    Chris Dawson
    Portland, Oregon
    Mac sux. I can't get mine to run VASL right. I was hoping you would be able to help me with mine!
    Hey Whit, Thankx, surgery was as good as could be expected, tough missing Albany though. When can we play again?
    Warning order!!---- --For deployment to Noreaster!!

    Meet me at the Park and Ride lot, just off exit 47 of the ME Turnpike.

    I'll be there around 0930 Friday am want to leave by 0945 --which puts us in Boxborough by Noon

    ok, I work 16 hours days over the weekend so that pretty much frees me up for the rest of the week. Mondays and Tuesdays would be fine for me too. Lets do a monday in a couple weeks. I guess you can say I am starting from scratch. I never played a full game and never played face to face. I bought ASL about 12 years ago and read the rules over and over again off and on. I have Beyond Valor and Red Barricades. I have the old rulebook so I only know some of those rules. Have you ever seen a ASL module for China? I would want a Nationists and Communist WW2 for this game.
    Thanks for the Great Photos Whit, but I told you to shoot my 'Good Side'
    Great post with the faces photos. I feel similar to you do in that I've studied war but have never been involved with it. These photos are fantastic and really bring things down to Earth. Thanks again.
    I am going to Albany tourney Dec 5-7, are you interested in going? Would you be into getting in a game sometime soon? Drop me a line--Keith
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