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  • "Mine involved a lot of alcohol and a stripper named Tammy...before the pot. My judgement was a little clouded at the time."

    "Damn, I can't win at anything...except when playing Holst...that's a "sure thing"."

    "I don't participate in anti-religious protests, I much prefer to live and let live. That does not mean I do not understand the bible. My senior level Greek class translated three books, one of them was the Bible. Most members of that class were seminary students, with two nuns as well...we had plenty of discussions, and they were all friendly."

    nicely done :clap:
    "You not liking it is fine, no need to explain yourself to me, I understand when someone feels out of their depth....besides, you'd just screw it up by trying to put an abomination of a square (IIFT) into a perfectly crafted functionally precise circle (IFT). :)"

    Beat me to it! :clap:
    "I freakin' hate the yankees and their fans"

    Not a Yankee fan. I just like Jeter and Mo. I do root for them (and the rest of the AL East) against the hated Red Sux.
    Really, and wannabe cyberbullies are as pathetic when they are FAT as they are skinny loser...get a life you pathetic fat ****...and trust me moron I'll say it directly to your face where YOU don't have the safety of your keyboard. Oh and one more thing, save the suspense-either lose weight or go for the Guiness Book douchebag...
    Thanks for the rep, I appreciate it. It's hard keeping my cool arguing with Tater.
    ..Nah, I just Neg Rep you.
    Your and the rest of the Left's slurs at the Tea Party are old and worn out...find some other material
    You know, I briefly pondered bowdlerizing the joke, but then I thought "they must know that people call them teabaggers". Then I thought "Are these a bunch of old ladies who will cry at the sight of some mildly crude humour?" And the answer is apparently yes, though I must say the neg rep caught me by surprise.
    Do you neg rep all the crude humour on GS, or just the jokes that sting you personally?
    I guess some people *cough*Tate*cough* don't accept proof for evolution or the IIFT. ;)
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