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  • Let me give you some dates, iirc you said no Thursdays, and Mondays are out for me. So a Tuesday or Wednesday? I can also go on weekends sometimes. Current nights in the next month I know are open: 11-7, 11-14 and 11-21. So which old Annual scenario you got in mind? I'm game for any of them, iirc you said not PTO, right?
    I will be in for Huzzah between 4-5 this afternoon. Save me a good spot! --Keith

    There's a good chance my wife and I will be moving to Maine from Portland, Oregon, this summer. I've identified three Maine ASLers from their signatures here on Gamequad. So I thought I'd say hello to the ASLers in Maine and find out if there is a regular group/club there and where most of the players are living. We'll have some flexibility as to what town we'll end up in, so wouldn't mind landing closer to some fellow players than farther away. I started playing with Squadleader and moved on to ASL in college. I am just off a decade long hiatus (thankfully I didn't sell my kit!), and have been back at the game for about a year and a half now. So I'd call myself an advanced beginner. I figure I'll be welcome in Maine 'cause I'll probably be easy pickings!

    Chris Dawson
    Portland, Oregon
    Can't believe they even let you into Cleveland for ASLOk. Though I did see you in one of the pictures that someone posted.
    Hi Ted,

    Thanks for responding to my post. I'm looking to play a regular opponent once a week between about 10:00 and 12:00 (GMT) or between 14:00 and 16:00 (GMT). I prefer longish scenarios, maybe played over two or three sessions. I've already had an offer of a game for this week from a guy in Canada, which I've accepted. Not sure yet if he'll be up for regular weekly gaming. I'll let you know. Which weekdays would be best for you?


    I'll checkout that list and let you know. Playing Russell "The Hawk" BRT on Mon
    We are good to take the Highlander to ASLOK. It is a bit worse on gas but much better ride
    Hi Ted,

    I just saw your msg. Sorry about that! It was good to meet you at NE too. I hope I make it back next year. Glad to hear you are enjoying the VotG AAR. We're having a blast altho' I wish this particular scenario (22D) would end.

    Hey Ted, I would like to continue with DBftB#28 and play Hell's Point. I would also like to continue playing IJA if you don't mind. See you Fri
    I would like to play both days if possible. Car in shop Mon-Wed so can you come to Woolwich on Tues and I'll come to Gorham on Fri? What are we playing? I can't wait!!!
    Hi, I'm in the Bangor area but don't travel much. I play a lot of pbem and have one guy I'm teaching we are playing SK3 games now with a lot of full rules mixed in.
    Hey Tedley, How the heck are you? I,ve been here for three years now, and am in the mix of starting a new ASL club; NorCalASL. We have 19 members so far. We are even creating our own website. We have a lot of SKers moving up to ASL, but about half of us are experienced ASLers. A couple of guys even went to ASLOK. So I have more ASL than I can play. I work 6:30-3:00 daily, no travel, no overtime. My job is very simple and I don't have to take it home. We bought a nice house and got another German Shepherd, (Delila). How are you doing, the baby must be around four or five by now. How time flies. Got ahold of Bob Waldon, he has given up on ASL and has a boat which he charters. Would really like to get back to Nor'easter, but it looks like I'll be going to SoCal West Fest this winter instead. Good to see you on this silly forum, I try and limit my reaction to some of the stupid things people write, but sometimes can't help myself. Hopefully someday we can meet up at a tourney, aybe ASLOK.
    Ted!!! Good to hear from you!!! ASLOK just aint the same brother....when are you coming back?? Hit me at my email: catky6 AT

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