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    The Mila 18 NoNsEnSe thread - Part 4

    You don't have to read 422 pages, most of the posts are pix of chicks
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    ASLOK 2017, too early for woofing?

    Dave Ginnard said yes
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    AAR - Second City

    So he is 1 over his IPC and has his movement reduced to 2MF. The only thing I saw in the RB was if a wounded SMC is portaging something, he can't be carried. Jim
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    Counterattacks 2016

    I had a blast even though I could only stay for one round. Jim
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    Boards 69 & 70?

    68 was in an Ops issue but can be ordered by itself from MMP.
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    The ASL Book Club

    I take it you never watched "Animal House". Bluto goes on a rant where he makes the comment about the Germans bombing Pearl Harbor.
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    ASLOK Hotel

    Just because you're on a diet, it doesn't mean you can't look at the menu, Man is not complete until he is married, and then he is finished!
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    Democrats raise money for North Carolina Republicans harmed by bomber

    An old Chicago trick was to shoot at your own campaign HQ just to get on the news,
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    Red Factories/Red October Up For Preorder!

    They were for Panzer Lehr division forces that were withdrawn every night. I see no reason why specially marked Divisional units can't be used in regular scenarios. I keep them in the 1/2 squad bin just so they could be found easily.
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    Who believes in some kind of existential 'force' affects DRs?

    I was there, Jack went on a tear. I believe he finally ran out of targets.
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    ASLOK Hotel

    Yeah, up and down the stairs to use the restroom. It was still better than working.
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    ASLOK XXXI - October 2nd thru 9th, 2016 - Cleveland, OH

    I enjoyed seeing all of your stuff. Some very rare items. I could spend all day looking at the photo albums. Jim
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    ASLOK XXXI Official TD AAR

    Hey, I'm in the background watching the "To the Last Man" battle.
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    Police stir controversy with viral photo of heroin overdose victims in Ohio

    Jail does NOT remove some one from a drug environment like you posted. STML?