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  • IDK. It could be either one this time. However, Bama should not be in the championship game. OklaSt had a much better resume. And Bama didn't win it's conference or even play in the CCG. They got to sit at home and wait for LSU to get beat or maybe lose players due to injury. Next time we should lose and sit at home and see what those dbags say then. If Bama wins they should be #1 but I'd love to see the coaches vote us #1 anyway. After all we'll have split the games and we'll have a better record than them cuz we played an extra game. :devious:
    Merry Christmas dude. I could've made it probably the past 3 years but our finances have been shot cuz of hospital bills. Finally declared bankruptcy a few months ago. I'll make it back one day. :)
    It's not. Somebody asked a question and that was the answer. Then I posted it randomly even when it wasn't the answer for a question and then Fish started posting it if I wasn't around. :D
    Jim, I think we're going to play Sun evening and of course your welcome to stop by as long as you want. I don't think Chris Spell will mind he's a pretty cool dude. Maybe you could play Book in the same scenario?

    Let me know I'll get extra steaks and beer,
    "Some one actually quotes his dribble. :clown:"

    Who pulled your string? :angry:
    Jeff's pitiful. That win probably came against some drunken bum found under an overpass. :)
    Furs rule! The cool thing 'bout getting my car running again, is that it has a cassette-player, & I have all these great tunes on cassette that I can listen to again. Furs, Heads, Echo, Floyd, Roxy Music, Dire Straits, oh my!
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