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  • no probs mate, oh and guess what arrived in my mitts yesterday morning!!!!just before i head off for another three weeks
    Ian just to tempt you HoB are now shipping shortly Special forces 2 $44 for us in the UK
    Despite my remark, no fireworks. Got 4 sets of rep though and for just 5 words! Thanks for the rep.
    "It would have been nice if Pitman had either stated his view in another thread or been somewhat positive rather than the trademark negative single comment. Not saying he does not have a point but its more about him snatching some attention and less about what he has to say."

    Fancy? What a complete fruitbar! I hope you do come over here so I can beat you with one hand... oh my goodness! :shy:
    Dear CP:

    In regards to the "newscaster" picture, I actually don't think they look that similar. The offender in the composite sketch looks to be almost 30 lbs. thinner. If my comment is "brave," I weep for this nation...
    "A good point, you trying to make me feel bad?"

    Nope, just couldn't help make the quip. I was wondering what kind of response Psycho would give. Must still be napping.
    Sorry, the forum won't let me rep you again so soon. I guess I don't give enough rep out.
    "Portal just sprang to mind" :)

    I'm mostly pessimistic and somewhat negative but he's just a complete tool (plus the fact that he's lazy, cheap, whiny, arrogant, clueless, and a hypocrite). :nada: Pitman is an overbearing jerk online but is nice in person and does a bunch for ASL. Tate as obnoxious as he is online is still knowledgable about ASL and can be friendly on occasion. Portal adds nothing to the hobby except negativity. He doesn't write AARs despite his many playings. He doesn't help answer rules questions despite his apparent fondness for the more difficult rules (caves, seaborne landings, etc). Doesn't offer his help in playtesting anything that I know of (including his sacred CH). Doesn't offer to help newbies unless he can get something out of it. He's just a total nutsack. :nada:
    Hi Ian, Thanks for the PM. Hope you enjoy your game with your Nephew tomorrow. My 'doubled' RB game is gonna be fun! Jan.
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