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  • I knew you were joking. Ever see "Space Balls"? There is a line in there that only a moron would use that as a combination and then Mel Brooke's character says hey that's the combination to my luggage.
    "had spent Tuesday evening in a stupour"

    so it's like any other day, tard? :coolban:
    "You got that right!!! Her bra's are made out of Zepplin nose cones!!!!, once she forgot to leave her toecaps on when she took one off, spent half the night in casulty waiting for x-rays on her toes"

    you're a sick fücker! :)
    Bad week topped by a worse day. Tried standing for 4 hours on Tuesday, could not walk wednesday and had spent Tuesday evening in a stupour. Started to feel better Thursday (in relation) got a visit from the council demanding council tax, seems I have been pronounced fit to work!! Not that the DHSS felt the need to tell me first. So I am in a lot of pain, income stopped for as long as I either appeal or till I start a new claim.

    Oh yep and I had to play Mayers as well!!!!!
    You OK? I saw your 'needed the laugh' comment and thought you might be down...
    I am frustrated with my repping ability as well.

    Oh well I will have to live without the warmth of a nice points fest LOL
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