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  • Hey man.

    Sorry to have missed you at the Tournament.

    Send me a snail mail address to:


    I'll send you out the disc I gave to everyone at the Tournament.

    It is the entire collection of the US Army actions in WWII, some other books from the Center of Military History as well.

    Also, more information from the Combined Arms Research Library (CARL) as well.
    Cherper isn't a bad guy. I think that some of us don't report bad posts and some little dbags do and that's why they have to act on our posts.
    You have your copy og HG2 so you can be patient, on the other hand.......................

    I will go off for a little cry now

    "No kidding. I'm up to 10 people now. I'm gonna take a quick break because my knees are getting sore."

    Hi Jerry;

    I may be in touch in the fall...would definately like to hear your tales!

    Semper Fi!
    No. Les used to go by the name Aries on here. Since he dropped off the forum over here he has since returned under a new name. He has even changed the way he posts. He used to type "eh" and "heehee" throughout his posts. And they were loooooong posts. He never could say what he wanted in only 10 words when he could use 5000. And he constantly reminded us how unique he was and everyone else is a blind sheep, the evils of ebay, he didn't care what we thought, he pirated CDs & anything else, and many other things that don't come to mind right now. Oh and he liked anime but we are all weirdos cuz we had chicks for avatars. He is a creepy little dbag. There are people from another site that would gang up on him from time to time and I've had a number of run ins with him.
    Didn't even notice that I hadn't friended you on here. Now that I have you must feel privileged. :)
    Hi Jerry,

    We gonna duke this one out Thursday night? I wouldn't be surprised if we finished it either due to its small size.

    Yo Dewd,

    I need to confirm that the stream is a uncrossable barrier. The SSR states it is a "water obstacle" meaning it cannot be crossed by normal means (according to the index). Couldn't find anything in the tome that makes it crossable. Let me know what you think.

    I think we play it as a barrier.
    Yo Dewd,

    I hate to do this, but let's postpone because this impending ice storm is causing all kinds of havoc with me and my family. The forecast calls for anywhere from half an inch to one and half inches of freezing rain (which will probably knock down the power lines) and from five to eight inches of snow. Last time this happened, we were without power for three and a half days. I fully expect to lose power as I did two years ago so I need the time to prepare for the worst case. My wife is working currently working well into the night (I'm hoping her employer gets a clue and lets them go early before the sun sets). I'll let you know how it all pans out.

    I am really looking forward to playing this scenario against you. After things settle down, maybe we could kick off Monday or Tuesday.


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