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  • "You may have moved, but you are forever one of us. You can't uneat a baby!"

    snicker :angry:
    "And I can quote Thoreau all day long, and you can counter with all the Plato you can type, but we aren't going to change anything, are we?"

    <Tater>Plato doesn't say anything, he just barks, dumbass! :angry:</Tater>
    "When banks get afraid that they're partners are unstable..."

    They're? I knew it! You're a RW plant! :angry:
    "This is the best summary I've read yet of the OWS movement: Occupy Sesame Street, by the Cookie Monster (actually a commenter at the Onion)"

    Why do you hate freedom? :flag:
    Great post on the roll of luck in life. It really gave me pause to think on how lucky I have been. Yes, I like to think I got where I am based on my talents and ability but I thought of all those near misses that could have changed everything. Luck plays a far larger role than we care to admit.

    I hope your wife is now cancer free-anyone who doesn't get what devastation that disease can bring to a family just doesn't get how lucky they really are.

    Do you remember where you posted that stuff from the Bible? It was that stuff about things you couldn't do. I think it was a homo thread but I'm not sure. There is someone on facebook saying they are following the Bible because God wrote it (like God sat down and wrote it personally).
    "We just let Republicans kill them."

    I left that for Tater. Wonder what he's going to say? ;)
    Hang in there, Brother.

    To be honest, I was rooting for Vancouver. Screw Boston. They're as bad as the Yankees of late. Boston needs another title like a cactus needs another thorn.
    I watched PotA for about the 1000th time and something struck me as funny. Remember the scene where Taylor made the paper airplane? When Dr Zaius asked about it Zira said that it was a toy and that it floats on air. Then she "Try it." Zaius said "Nonsense" and crumbled it up. That is Tate right there! He's the Minister of Science & Chief Defender of the Faith not Don. ;)
    You know Tate wasn't fooled for one second. He was just pretending to be outraged. ;)
    I mostly posted it to give the Arabs, you know those dirty rotten scumsucking intolerant bastards, the IIFT knowing that Tater couldn't stand to be associated with Muslims. ;)
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