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    VASLeague 2019 General Discussion

    Andy Beaton's Romanians have defeated Roberto Alesse's Russians in JAVA4A Prelude from the Lone Canuck ASL for Fun scenarios. Roberto played well but there's nothing anyone can do when the dicebot decides to hand out critical hits.
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    Shrubbery Rules Anyone?

    Heroes and designated SMCs (Finns, Commonwealth, Panzer Lehr) may say NI on a dr(1-3). NI will cause an NMC on all non-elite MMC, PIN (as per Stuka rules) everyone in the hex and stun CE AFV's.
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    Canadian Advanced Squad Leader Open XXIII

    I enjoyed the.. experience.. of drinking white lightning out of a mason jar, if not the actual taste, but I don't need to repeat it. See you all in Ottawa!
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    VASLeague 2019 General Discussion

    Count me in.
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    In praise of Battle School's Battle Dice!!!

    I've had people complain about some Battledice of mine where the imprint has been worn away over time. I don't believe it makes a damned bit of statistical difference but I bought some spots-only precision dice because I don't want there to be any doubt about the integrity of my dice.
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    Which rule do you want to change?

    Actually, I kind of like the idea of gas points, at least for certain situations - 1945 Germans, units part of larger encircled formations, or which were historically badly supplied. What's another hour of bookkeeping to us? More seriously, someone once suggested that you could drop the access...
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    Which rule do you want to change?

    I would like to see DF vs moving vehicles based on a percentage of the total movement in the firers LOS rather than the number of MF. It should be harder to shoot an armoured car zipping through an open spot at 60 kph than an Elefant lumbering though at its slow speed.
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    Down time at work?

    If you're a factory owner, that's probably a pretty good work ethic. Of course, you can replace all your workers with robots and they'll be on the street because they won't work 24-7 without breaks, but that's business. If you're a worker and not a boss, it's a pretty crappy life. I've done the...
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    Would you pay for official winterized maps from MMP ?

    (Number of games I play) - (Number I play on VASL) - (Number I play on other people's kit) - (Number I play on non-MMP boards) - (Number I play with no snow rules in effect) = Not enough to drop a pile of money for boards that look a little bit cooler.
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    Longest Surviving Beserkers

    I once saw a berserk squad live for four turns, and it would have gone longer if the game hadn't ended. Closest unit was a BU half track, and he couldn't quite get there. So on my turn, I started up the half track and drove eight MF away and waited for him to catch up. Repeat ad infinitum. (I...
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    Down time at work?

    It's a pretty fine thing to have a valuable skill and be able to pick and choose between employers. The only people you're going to get shackling themselves to the company oar for eight solid hours are the people who can't get a better job in a more reasonable company. It took me a while, but I...
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    "Age of Tanks" documentary

    I don't know if I'd agree there. I'd say the French FT-17* was the forerunner of every tank of the 20th century and gets a lot less press than it should compared to the British tanks, which were important in WWI but an evolutionary dead end. *I once killed a PzIV with an FT-17. One for the...
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    In nazi Germany was the biggest TV show

    I never used to click on the "shoot Vinnie" option.
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    Dulce Et Decorum Est

    Briefly stepping in and stepping out again, but staying long enough to say I enjoyed the Owens pastiche very much.
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    Who is the world's worst ASL player of all time?

    To be fair to Aristotle, the evidence that the earth orbits the sun is pretty subtle and well outside what they could have managed in ancient Greece. If I could remember vehicle notes as well as science trivia, I would be a lot further from the worst ASL player.