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  • "You should keep it in the bag, so it will be in mint condition when your grandchildren toss it in the recycling bin. "

    No-one has ever gotten under my skin as much as him lol.
    I feel very week for rising to it....
    And please don't think my attack on him is any reflection on my part of my feelings towards Americans (or Canadians) who I respect and admire massively.
    "If I mock you often enough, I get 72 Canadian virgins when I die."

    Can I become a Canadian? Are they all big, burly, manly men? :p
    Well, thanks! As you might imagine, my friends and family used to sign the Weird Al Yankovic "I Lost on Jeopardy" parody to me quite often. Pretty darn annoying, actually!

    lucky for me, I don't work exclusively in Detroit. I envy you and the relative peace that the Toronto area has. I always enjoy visiting my wife's cousin who lives in New Market. thanks for the rep and I hope I was able to constructively contribute to what is normally a mud slinging debate.
    That's how rep goes. Lucky for me more guys find me funny than annoying. :)

    Noticed you're updating your ignore list while I'm typing this. Anybody I know? :)
    "I sit beside a Muslim guy every working day, and he's a great guy."

    Sounds like he's got you fooled. Watch out! :devious:
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