1. DQuin

    Tom Morin’s VOTG SASL CG?

    I’m loving SASL and have seen somewhere that Tom Morin developed SASL CG rules at some point but it doesn’t look like they were ever published (or ever will be). Are there copies available anywhere? I’d love to play through the SASL CG if possible.
  2. Robin Reeve

    Trench connecting to ADJACENT Building VotG6 SSR (and O.6)

    Hi all, Just a need of clarification about the VotG6 SSR (and cf. O.6 rule). When a Trench is adjacent to a building, does it connect to the cellar and the ground level? O.621 says that the connections open into Cellar level and VotG6 speaks of "all ADJACENT building/rubble Locations" : can...
  3. Rob MacDonald

    VotG27 Bad Day for the Luftwaffe - Russian Stuka support?

    SSR2 states that Stuka's arrive on a dr <= circled number on turn track. I can read this to mean that it is possible to have 1 to 3 DB flights between Turn 1 (if I roll > 4 on turns 1 and 2) and turn 3. Alternately SSR2 can be read as allowing only 1 DB flight for the entire scenario...
  4. JOKippe

    VotG CGIV Kipper-Marsholio

    It's our first time to play this module, so we tried a couple of VotG scenarios and CGI just to get a feel for the map, units, and rules. Now we're ready for the monster CGIV. By random selection, I take the German side. I wish Comrade Marsholio good luck, as I've read plenty about difficult...
  5. S

    Using a ball peen hammer when a 10mm socket would do.

    Commissar Itledovich, you've just wiped out a company. What do you want to do now? Retreat to Soviet Disneyland, to draft explanation superiors concerning why Siberian Guards are saboteurs and counterrevolutionaries. And maybe do mineshaft ride with the kiddies. Really, how do they...
  6. ASL Maineiac

    Question about Heroic Leaders

    I'm playing VotG16 Under Murderous Fire as the Russians via VASL. By SSR, my 8-1 leader (Pavlov) is heroic. In VASL, that just means my 8-1 counter has a little orange stripe along the bottom that says "heroic." But, for my purposes it's actually considered a 1-4-9, right? To add its heroic...
  7. =FC=Gorgon

    VotG CG IV: The North Shore Open

    Hi folks, First, Happy Memorial Day to our American readers and service people. (this was supposed to be posted last night) :-) VotG CG IV AAR -------------- Russian Team: o Northern CO: MikeS (=FC=Gorgon) o Southern CO: Jim (Eagle02) German Team: o Northern CO: MikeP...
  8. Michael R

    votg11 dangerous possibility

    Can the German reinforcements be allocated to more than one German setup area? TIA
  9. Honza

    The VotG Map

    Concerning the VotG map - I am curious as to how many of us are okay with it or how many of us find it too dark, or even if any of us feel it is so bad it need re-doing! I've attached a Poll. Thanks.
  10. synicbast

    VOTG Scenario Suggestions

    Okay so I'm preparing to get back into some major ASL shortly both FtF and via VASL. VOTG is due to arrive anyday (it got shipped to my old address in NZ first) and I'm thinking that I may as well play the scenarios and maybe a CG at some point. Now from what I understand from reading around...