1. J

    New MMP magazine

    Oh, yes. The new MMP magazine named Special Ops is out. First issue of course. See this link: Regards Jesus
  2. Glennbo

    Favorite ASL General Forum Member 2011

    I figured I'd give you creeps one more chance to vote me forum king before I go postal and just start liquidating all you... Wait, let me rephrase that... The beautiful, wonderful members of this forum (gosh, there's just SO MANY of them) can you pick one as you're favorite? You guys...
  3. Gunner Scott

    ASL Waffen-SS: Runes or Skullz?

    Hi all- So which do you guys prefer Waffen-SS counters with the Lightening bolt runes or with skullz? I am partial for the SS runes just because the skullz are more representaive of the Totenkopf Panzer Division where as the SS Runes can cover all SS divisions. Scott
  4. thedrake

    Saving Private Ryan module by WBW (LONG!)

    Purchased a copy of Wild Bill Wilder's "One Out of Four:The Saga of Saving Private Ryan" and thought would post some initial thoughts on this module. First off the module comes with a cover sheet describing the product contents on the front side and the reverse side is an ad for more of WBW's...
  5. Gunner Scott

    BoB Normandy has Landed!!!

    Hi all Here is a look at the Band of Brothers map, the 9 scenarios that are included, counter sheets plus there are three extra scenarios, two set on the Brecourt Map and one called Those Normandy Nights set on Deluxe boards this is also an oldie from from one of the old CH! mags and is the...
  6. Mad Russian

    On All Fronts

    I have several copies of the old SL/ASL gaming magazine On All Fronts but I'm missing a copy of Issue #64/March 1988. Does anyone have a copy of this laying around that I might get them to scan for me? If you own it you know it's only 12 pages. Thanks in advance for all comments. Good...
  7. Michael Dorosh

    Quantifying ASL Value

    From another thread: This struck me as interesting. As a start, I was thinking of something like this: SYSTEM YEAR INIT ADJUSTED MAPS SCEN ADDED VALUE COST COST 2011 --------------------------------------------------------------------- SL...
  8. Gunner Scott

    How Was AP 4 Playtested withthe Bocage Rules?

    Hi- Well it seems a few idiots still think playing B9.55 their way is the right way IE house rules, common sense, I think this is how its done. What I want to know is, how was B9.55 handled in playtesting for AP 4. Basically here is the root of the problem: here is an example: It is the...
  9. Vinnie

    The Pacific versus Band of Brothers

    Finally finished watching the Pacific and am now ploughing my way through the book. The obvious comparison for this is to Band of Brothers so which series did people like better and why? For me BoB had is in the bag by episode three. The acting was much better and the characters more rounded...
  10. Pitman

    ASL Campaign Games are inherently better than scenarios

    I have been playing ASL for quite some time now, and I think one thing is clear: between the two main ways of playing ASL, campaign games and standalone scenarios, campaign games truly are superior. There are a number of reasons for this. The first and most obvious reason is that the maps...
  11. mccann98

    Canadian Troops

    Ok. Have a couple of questions regarding Canadian troops. 1) Are Canadians treated as British in regard to not cowering for elite and 1st line troops? 2) Do Canadian troops receive the -1 bonus as British troops do in Heat of Battle rolls? Thanks.
  12. MrP

    Monkeys With Typewriters in the new year?

    All I was thinking about resurrecting the MwT scenario design challenge again in the New Year, maybe with a HASL map'd theme. Want to use RB for Aachen, KGP for Malaysia, OVHS for Kharkhov? Feel free :) What reaction from the peanut gallery? Interest? Disdain? Disgust? Excitement...