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    Hello folks

    ASL has no link to 40K : the former is a WW2 tactical historical board wargame and the latter a sci-fi figurine wargame. This forum is mostly used by ASL players.
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    Hello folks

    Welcome here. What type of games do you play?
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    Dug in tanks

    D9.54 says : "A Dug-In AFV is HD to all Direct Fire attacks". So you need a turret hit to hit it (the colored dr of the Original TH DR must be < the white dr - C3.9). Plus a +1 DRM (or +2 if already a very small target).
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    What does mean that a leader directs an attack?

    With the three possible outcomes : regrets self appraisal meh ;)
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    Latest MMP release

    And we would need a handful of scenarios using them. Hoarding maps and overlays which we find necessary without them finding any actual use reminds me of my accumulating or keeping junk in my cellar "just in case"...
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    Fire into hex w/ Friendly unit

    Or, as a side effect, when firing vs. units in a building with HE, if Rubble is generated, all occupants of the Location are cooked... arr squashed... arr eliminated.
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    Dinant Erratta

    It is errata, not erratta. :p
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    FedEx International Mail Service

    As MMP produce their games in the USA, they avoid at least the Chinese shipping problems.
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    LOS and Cliff/Wall (vertically drawn) hexsides

    The wall is a hillside wall, and has no impact on LOS. The cliff depiction doesn't block LOS. So I think that LOS exists between R7 and P7.
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    Is this cheating

    Countering a designer's choices (or even whims) can hardly be called ahistorical. Or do you think that real life terrain is made of hexes too?
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    malwarebytes and phishing

    Ah I see. I misunderstood the PM.
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    malwarebytes and phishing

    Someone wrote me that he received a PM from Malwarebytes... As much as mods can kill spam posts, I don't think that we have the power to spy the PM - nor the will in my case.
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    Torch and Husky?

    You can do a search on aslscenarioarchive. I am sure that you will find many scenarios on those campaigns.
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    Scenario renumbering

    Isn't there a mention of their previous numbering? They were updated for RS and are not exactly the original version.
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    Is this cheating

    In Encounter at Cornimont, German enter with motorcyles under the sights of the French HMG. Leaving the motorcycles offboard and moving on foot could be a better option (no Bail out + RF attack if failed PTC/MC). But the German doesn't lose CVP for not bringing the motorcycles in play.