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  • Hi Steve: another Marine and Kansan whose been in SK for a year and in my first few full ASL scenarios. Happy to help playtest that will help me learn ASL too.

    Your location?
    Which Modules do you have?
    Do you have a face-to-face partners also?
    Or is it VASL?

    My email is...
    Thanks Steve, I was just reading your ASL articles about the US Marines an hour ago at the gym!! Hope all is well!! Rgds Jack
    Hello Steve,

    I would be very interested in obtaining the Leatherneck I scenarios. Where do I pay and what do I have to do to get them? :)

    My address is:

    Joseph Pellam
    2454 Waterside CT
    Wauconda, IL 60084

    Many Thanks,
    Steve I see on e-bay a spanish guy is selling a polish scenario pack done by yourself and HOB, I presume that it was a playtest set as I have no recollection of said pack being sold by HOB. just letting you know he is making money from your's and HOBs work. he has been doing the same recently with OAF and several other downloadable stuff there

    In response to your question about who the 1st time designers were for MwT3, count me among them. 1st time for external consumption, at least....
    Congrats on the somewhat relatively good news! :clap: I guess I'll have to wait awhile on getting your ASL set, huh? :devious:
    Hi Steve!

    I, together with a couple of other Swedish volunteers have made a pack with the same name. I heard via Ola Nygårds that you wanted Chapter H together with the historical background.

    If you pay 76 SEK to our paypal, I will send you these pages. The 76 SEK is exactly the cost for the post and package from Sweden.

    Why? Because we don´t do this for money and because you have done so much great for the ASL hobby.

    Best Regards
    Hey Steve,
    Got two seperate invites from you for a Facebook site. Is this real or has your computer been compromised?
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