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  • Salut Robin,
    Dommage que le forum FFL nous pousse à nos extrémités respectives. Je n'y vais plus que pour l'intérêt purement technique (et pour les c**eries de X). A+ jp
    as always in the contracting world am just waiting for confirmation, am on the shortlist wih three companies over there, two in Basel and one in Geneva.
    Hi Robin, I may be coming back out to Switzerland to work either in Basel again, or Geneva. thought that I would matbe try and get a game with you this time .
    Just remember their penis size is oh so small!

    I'm just narky as I started work at 4am, finishing up now as I think Cath is suffering from computer withdrawal


    Take care
    Hi Robin
    To answer a question once phrased, that's what I do for the hobby and how I support MMP, the constant moans just don't really get that much penertration. I think they want MMP to stop producing ASL just to say I told you so. The darker side of human nature. Smile it makes them jealous!!!!
    Heu concernant ton petit message, j'avais déjà remaqué que ce brave homme était un peu "borderline" comme on dit, mais courage reste croyant laisse moi l'atheisme :D

    Bien amicalement depuis Paris

    Well, he didn't clarify anything.
    If only he knew what "congeniality", "friendliness and other positive relationship names meant... <sigh>
    I don't think Cherper was mocking you. I think it doesn't translate well. They weren't laughing at you but the situation.
    We have enjoyed the chocolate. We had to wait for the kids to get home before sharing it with them. There is no ASL that I need except the very rarest and most expensive stuff.

    Don't let that @ssclown Portal get to you. Just ignore him. As for Scott, he goes on and off his meds so one minute he is anti-MMP and the next he is anti-CH. Not worth the trouble.

    Montagu, your avatar changed! Is that your William Tell Swiss Moron outfit?

    I went 1 and 1 this week: victorious in ASL1 (Retaking Vierville) and losing by one lousy hex at ASL14 (Silence That Gun). Loss Lesson #1: A leader cannot self-destruct a Gun, but a hero can; units must be able to possess/crew SW/Ordnance to do so. Loss Lesson #2: when 3 US para squads and 8-1 leader (all broken) cannot rally themselves for 2 full game turns, it's not your day.

    Happy New Year!
    Joyeuses fêtes de Noël
    Paix sur la terre aux hommes de bonne volonté
    Bien Amicalement

    Montagu, thanks for policing Maj. O'Worms deployment at GSF. I didn't think the idea would get anywhere, but I did learn a few things...and hope a few of my posts weren't too snide.
    I really like the Inspector Clouseau thing you've got going on in your photo. I need to get one of those hats - as a noob, I end up looking like Clouseau when I'm playing ASL. The latest example was missing the 2x penalty for a Gun changing CA in woods/building. I missed both shots (norm, intensive) and the tank I was shooting at returned fire and scored a CH - pink mist. My defense melted over the next player turn. Game over.
    No you didn't. You were a Swiss Moron. A chimp could have done a better job while flinging his poo. Now I have to be nice to Jazz? He's an imbecile! :angry:
    Thanks for all your efforts as a volunteer moderator, Robin. It's sometimes a thankless task, but you did it well and your efforts added something to the community. See you on the forums.
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