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Feb 17, 2018 at 6:17 PM
Jul 17, 2004
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Herman Hum

Composite Warfare Command, from Canada

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Feb 17, 2018 at 6:17 PM
    1. Kevin Kenneally
      Kevin Kenneally
      Thanks for the Rep Herman.
    2. mike1980
    3. L`zard
      LOL, I'd just about forgotten all about it!

      Thanx, HH!
    4. Scott Tortorice
      Scott Tortorice
      Haven't seen you around much. How ya doing?
    5. Psycho
      Happy New Year dude
    6. Psycho
      Merry Xmas dude
    7. Michael Dorosh
      Michael Dorosh
      Well, Canadians do have ties to the Crown, according to what Jon Stewart said last night...
    8. Michael Dorosh
      Michael Dorosh
      We're magnificent is what my rep comments was supposed to say....
    9. Scott Tortorice
      Scott Tortorice
      Thanks again, Herman! Now to get you to play chess.... :-)
    10. L`zard
      So make a personal folder of pix, and let the good times roll!

      Works for me, LOL!
    11. L`zard
      "Does this mean that I can return to posting images on GameSquad instead of using ImageShack? ;)"

      Depends on size, is my guess, heh heh!
    12. L`zard
      "So, if the ToAW/TacOps developers added Harpoon to 'their' games, I would be confident that it would work in the end."

      Would that they could, HH, would that they could.....

      Nah, I think I got it the first time....it's a problem of 'subject material' and focus, in my view, eh?

      I see the 'developers' as an occasionally annoying neccesity, LOL!

      A designer comes up with a good game, codes it, and then needs someone with some bux.....just in order to publish....

      A developer needs some sort of 'property' that can be turned INTO bux...

      Unfortunately, what happens when the two meet isn't always what any of US might wan't, eh?

      Oh well, one of these days, my friend........

    13. L`zard
      That sort o' surprises me..if I've got this right...

      Your saying that a 'combined' game would be better to forget Harpoon and look for some sort of TacOps clone with a more developed 'sea' model?

      That's more or less the problem with ToaW, LOL! Ground works wonderfully, the Sea aspect sucks out loud! Somewhat the same thing with the 'air models'...depending on the scale of a given scenario....

      Seems like 'the right version' of an Operational/Grand Tactics game hasn't been made yet, eh?

      What I'm looking for would be a decent 'sea model' that might be morphed into ToaW.
    14. L`zard
      HH, if there was ever to be a 'combined' game, such as to allow 'ground combat' into the 'Bond' version of Harpoon, what do you think it might be?

      Any choice of 'designers' ?
    15. 2054172
      Of coarse your a freind!
    16. L`zard
      Got that right, HH, LOL!

      "So many games, so little time..." and such serious learning curves, eh?
    17. Herman Hum
      Herman Hum
      be sure you pack a nice warm parka if you are coming north... ;)

      I've got TOAW III, but haven't had time to learn it yet. So many games, so little time...
    18. L`zard
      PS: the Wife want's to immigrate, but the 'eh?' is just my own 'online' verbal tic, lol!
    19. L`zard
      Say, Hey!

      Nice that YOUR one of the first to respond, My Man!

      We need to have a conversation re: 'the books' like "RedStormRising" and similar, eh?

      I played around with Harpoon (ver 1 or 2 ??) have to get with you on this one day, eh?

      If you 'really' wnt to do a ToaW game, wait until McBride goes public...I've seen some really nice stuff he's working on, eh?

      Wonder how long it will take ALL the folks on this channel to pick up on the 'new beat', LOL!
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