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  • Reputation, believe it or not, wasn't supposed to say "s"
    but rather
    "She was a huge bitch to Mr. West throughout much of the trial."
    "So you used to lay around and lick your dog's balls all day? :p"

    "I just got back from a dick measuring contest.... did I miss anything?"

    Last place again? How do they measure something that small? :)
    "Those people must be really stupid if your stupid ass recognizes their stupidity. "

    "The Pope is behind everything, especially young boys."
    Big time snicker.

    Thanks dude!
    LOL. I think it's infinitely more likely the second point is related to the first (and other similar such characteristics that guy must "enjoy" having). And yeah: "giggle" is one term for it :) If I had myself a liking for the human race, I'd probably be pretty disturbed that people could end up so....useless? :)
    The way I see it, USC still has two possible losses. Though I think they can beat ND, UCLA is going to be the tougher game. And those ESPN dipshots couldn't get it right if they were paid. Oh, wait. How the heck do you put USC #! at the start, what a bunch of idiots. I thought they were #14 at best to start the year. Hope this finds you well John, really.
    Hey you freakin' miscreant. What happenned to LSU last Sat? Same thing that happened to my Trojans I guess, but at least we scored some damn points! Ok, luvya, byebye.
    Dumpin' on my CHIEFS? Everyone in Kansas knows that the road to the Super Bowl goes through Arrowhead 'this year'. After week 4 or 5, we give up our delusion:cry:. We never advanced in the playoffs under Schottenheimer, but by God he got us there every year! Marty, where are you!
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