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  • "But fighting back against somebody who lobs missiles at your home isn't one of them? :hmmm:

    So what is a valid example of needing to fight or die as seen in your world?"

    Ed Zachry, racist! :angry:
    "I guess somebody who attempted to murder somebody with a gun and failed can turn around and sue the gun manufacturer for selling a defective product."

    "Don't you hate it when you're just a beat off? :)"

    That's funny right there, racist! ;)
    "About sums it up...although it would still be great if he came back around. The entertainment value is priceless."

    Lib-cannon malfed again! :clap:
    Since you asked, the VotG game ended very well... for the Germans. By the end of the fourth day of battle, my co-commissar Richard was completely wiped off the map, and I was reduced to Pavlov's House and 8 hexes of northern board edge. At that point, we were invited by Com. Kruschev to attend a meeting at his headquarters, and told to bring our revolvers.
    We are now on to KGP CG I, with reshuffled teams, and I am cheerfully killing Panthers wherever possible.
    Load and install the utility I sent you via PM. Don't bother using the Tutorials issued with the game. They are totally buggy and crap. Install the PlayersDB version and then select the PlayersDB via the Database Manager tab in the Configuration launcher.

    Welcome aboard, shipmate.

    Yeah...I just bought the game...download and box copy. I've been running through the first couple of tutorials...and trying to get the hang of the interface. I would definitely appreciate having somebody to walk me through some of this stuff. Would you be interested in helping out a pure noob?...:)
    Hey Jim,

    Been seeing you online here and at Matrix. Are you looking to buy the game? Do you have it already? Looking for an opponent?
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