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  • "CH! products are the only products where the eBay price is lower than the original price"

    ended up leaving the next morning and got back last weekend so now shipped and I apologise for the delay let me know when you recieve it
    got back eventually last night will send off the folder today or tomorrow thanks for being so patient, Am away again on friday morning!
    looking at around around Fifty pounds including Two hundred uk size poly sleeves to hold the maps in
    will get back to you on the folder, I have two more awaiting homes at the moment.
    The Folder is made of Auminium and works just like a normal ringbinder, the sleeves are just two page protectors with the open ends facing each other in the middle. I make them in my spare time ( I am an aircraft Engineer) as I do the aluminium dice towers that I lie with rubber to cut down the noise. just sold 9 at the Heroes tournament in the UK last weekend
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