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    Today in ASL I ... (Day to day ASL doings)

    For my birthday I decided to splurge a little and for the first time in over two years ordered two CH products, Jerusalem Seig and Genisis 48 III. Part of me is looking forward to playing these products, the other part of me feels like I just walked out of a porn shop with guilt and...
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    you guys should really restart your CG. Using road movement bonus is a huge gaff. The Germans already have a tough time as is and with the Americans using Road Bonus allows them to get their reinforcements into the battle way way to early. Scott
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    My ASLOK Playlist: Comments and Suggestions?

    I remember playing Hoff's Charge against you Doug a few years ago at ASLOK. Lots of fun.
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    St Louis Tournament July 26-28, 2019

    I thought Ma dush delivers was a really good scenario, surprised you guys did not pick that one over a moldy oldie like J44 Audascity. Scott
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    Onslaught to Orsha

    Gotta agree here, the old OtO scenarios are classic and changing the boards is not a good idea, but if ya gotta make a few extra bucks off the collectors, then thats the way too go I guess.
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    VASL PTO League 2019 1st Round Matchups

    Thats ok dude, you win, I'll just drop from this league so I dont have to deal with this crap.
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    ASLOK Releases?

    ya more normandy scenarios (blah) Scott
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    VASL PTO League 2019 1st Round Matchups

    I think my opponent fell off the face of the earth lol.
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    Dispatches 2019 4th of July Sale in ASL Emporium

    Guys, buy this ASL zine, some of the best scenarios come from these guys.
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    CtR: CGII Assault on Fortress Corregidor

    Side note, the guy that played the Professor on Gilligans Island was a B25 navigator with 40 missions under his belt. His B25 was shot down over the PI in 1945 by Heavy IJA AA Fire as they were bombing that area.
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    Foundations of the religious right in the USA

    OMG, Princess marine is back! the local prison must have released our favorite butt hurt republican for wearing fake USMC uniforms at the local mall.
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    How will the Croix de Guerre reprint treat the Free French?

    The Free French were equipped by the brits, used the same uniforms as the brits, so I do not see why MMP would need to have new counters for for just the free french. Just use the brit counters I would say. But then again I am not a counter collector so what do I know lol.
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    Ya, Like I never thought of that either. How about a little less Snark Perry and a little bit more playtesting.
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    WO30 As Luck Would Have It My opponent and I played this one today, and even before we started my opponent was saying it looks impossible for the Brits. My Brit set up was the same, strong in the village and AT assets in the back. Due to fire lane set ups with the German MMG's, there was no way...
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    VASL PTO League 2019 1st Round Matchups

    He got ahold of me, Real Life stuff but he is getting me the set up soon. So all is good.