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    The Battle of Manila 1945

    Cant wait to get this module.
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    Which one is Better Deluxe A13 Mailed Fist or the Dagger version Q12 Mailed Fist?

    Howdy- I might be playing saturday with my ftf buddy and there are two versions of Mailed Fist, one that came in the Annual and the other from Kurt Martin from Dagger fame. Which one is better?
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    Poll: how many scenarios do you play a year?

    due to coved 45, not alot of ASL this year, ya theres VASL, but I can only stare at a monitor for so long. Did play two scenarios thus far a few months ago FtF, A KWASL scenario and A French vs German one called Panzers Forward. I do plan to play another scenario hopefully saturday called...
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    ASLOK in Person Cancelled - VASL Only for 2020

    Hopefully by next year there will be a vaccine and we can once more all gather in great numbers to play ASL.
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    Gully LOS Q with tank MG's

    Hi- Can a tank in a gully adjacent to an enemy unit behind a wall and in a building fire its machine guns? Or is it restricted by level diference? See pic.
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    PAFIZER ACES #4 Panzers Forward Q

    Howdy- I vaguely recall this one getting republished but for the fife of me, I can not remember if it saw official publication or not. thanks for any info scott
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    Next Scenarios Pack

    I thought George was doing a France 1940 pack. What happened to that? Deleted my facebook link, cant find the way to delete my account. Never really used it anyway. But with FB being a russian tool, I think its time too leave.
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    Ersatz VASLeague 2020

    Scott Holsts traiterous axis dudes won against Patrick Palma's Germans in J191 Rebels without a Pause. Great game game against a very fun opponent, our dice were pretty average and although I won, Pat still gets the Moral victory for killing three squads in Melee with snake eyes.
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    Gun Recovery and CA change

    Howdy- went on a serious rules dive earlier today in regards to A4.43 and ch C and could not find anything that say the recovering unit needs to keep the same CA the gun was recovered in IE a unit recovers a gun facing one way and the players says he will change the CA to another CA facing in...
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    ASLOK Thoughts in the Age of Covid

    I miss Obama, he kept ebola and a few other nasty diseases from reaching our shores while in office.
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    ASLOK Thoughts in the Age of Covid

    It is a super tough call, especially with many European countries banning travel to the USA. I want to go but do I really want to take chance and catch coved 19? I would say cancel it until a vaccine is found, we as ASL'ers might adhere to washing hands and whereing masks and so on, but who...
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    Ersatz VASLeague 2020

    hi for those trying to get ahold of me my new email is:
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    New Desperation Morale Blog Post

    ya know, if the right wing wants to own the libs by not wearing masks anf getting coved 19, more power to them. Less of the scumbags too deal with.
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    New Desperation Morale Blog Post

    here in Chicago, you are required to where a mask in stores and are still required to social distance. I do not mind and hopefully next year there is a vaccine.
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    New Desperation Morale Blog Post

    Why would you want to tempt fate Don? I do hope you and your wife did wear a mask at least.