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  • Doesn't really matter what it is, but you need an avatar, man! Makes following the postings in a big discussion a little easier.
    Thank you for the rep mfl. The most difficult part of it is is that when you're young and you look at this mess it feels like it will be impossible to try and implement change or stir enough people to get the nation to notice. And when the major news organizations are clearly cheering for one party or the other it makes you wonder who you can go to who would even give you a listen.
    Hey back at you....give me a time window to work with.

    My wife will be sleeping an overnight shift off. I will have a cold bottle of root beer with your name on it. Would love to solve or not solve the worlds problems in an hours conversation with you--and I could show you my gamers basement to boot!

    616 682-0567

    Mark De Vries
    Ada, MI
    Maybe. I'm not so sure Clinton's budget wasn't a bit of illusionary, in that he was at the time of a speculative bubble, and had the benefit of Bush I's policies which I think were more balanced budget than most recent types. Our debt is growing pretty fast, and yes, we might turn it back, but it strikes me that it could be a very long time away. The hole was pretty deep, and the tools for getting out I feel Bush II destroyed. Obama is fighting and (rebuilding the tools--infrastructure and all that--which we really were borrowing from for a number of decades--false profits also as we recently found out), but the hole is only getting deeper. Hope your right.
    Hey, we were on track to eliminate our national debt before Bush 43 came into office.

    We can do it again.
    So far my feelings Obama is working hard, doing many good things. The whole debt we are generating (yes it is a good time interestwise to do it), is getting mighty extreme. I wonder if the last 30 years won't bankrupt (or devalue) the nation as I know it. The car thing looks like a questionable managed disaster for Michigan.
    Personally, I think China long-term will be our demise in a number of ways. I wasn't really anti-Bush until his reaction to 9-11 started to worry me, and his push on towards the Iraqi war became obvious. Obama still has plenty of time to gain my ire--there are somethings already. Pakistan/Afganistan may turn out to be a much more diffiult puzzle than Iraq was both in the mess it was, and the mess we helped create. (My opinion anyway). BTW--were you active there--I don't think you were but just in case). If so in private I might want to ask you if you know a good friend of mine. (another conservative type)
    I don't intend to push on the political thing that much. It sort of lost it charm when the whole support the troops thing/conservatives are more into it type thing came to light. Guess that just frustrates me.
    Mike, its good to have you back.
    Now YOU get to play defense.....seriously, since we first 'met' online a few years ago, obviously the political winds have changed. It would be good to see you defend your side, although to go on that tangent, I think you're more independent then say a Tater or Doggie might give you credit for....
    Look forward to your file Rebel. You seem to be a distinquished commander. I am at bjharris@execulink.com. Are you a Blitz member?
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