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Fixed the error (Dave for Martin) but please I really did like it so I encourage you if you have the time to keep the trend going
Hi funkymuppet,

I'm in the UK, currently diving into ASL. Have played ASLSK 1, some SK2 and very little of SK3.

Once a week sounds fine to me - or whenever is suitable. As we're new to it, I'd consider it a learning game rather than competitive.

Have done a few games online to USA East Coast with SK.

Think gradual and discussive, rather than fast and agressive :)

Hi Pete - thank you! I did actually get a game set-up - so I should be good for time being. But if I have time to get another going then I will drop you a note if okay. Many thanks, JW
Glad you got sorted.

Yeah, you're welcome to contact me.
Are you able to provide copies of the scenarios for the WCR? I don't have some of the third party scenarios. I can provide a list of the ones I don't have if needed. Thanks.
George Kelln
George Kelln
Which ones are you looking for?
All the SP > 240 and FT 212....thanks.
George Kelln
George Kelln
SP = Schwerepunkt and FT = Le Franc Tirer, neither of which are mine
Hi Stepsa,
I saw you posted into one of my earlier posts - and was wondering if you are stlll looking for a pbem game ? I'm happy to play most ETO stuff. - I'm very easy on log turn-rounds - never any rush - but can usually turn around 5 logs a week.
You can mail me direct on

Take Care
Hi just an FYI Next Sunday September 8th, at 10am, we kick of the Fall season with our monthly ASL gathering at Mount Royal University, in the Faculty Center, room W315. Hope to see you there

I know you haven't been around for a while, but I'm hoping you might get an email notification about this PM.

I'm looking for permission to use your QRDC. I've written a program to help manage ASL charts and tables, play-aids, etc. and I'd like to preload it with the tables from your QRDC, so that people can see how it works. Would this be something you'd be OK with?

Cheers Roberto

I'd be glad to take you up on your offer!!
I'm sure I could fit in another PBeM scenario.

you pick scenario.. maybe I could pick side?
my email is

Hi: I’m on holidays.

If you want a game, just choose any scenario, but without too many “special” rules (ei: no para drops, night rules or amphibian assault...). Any scenario not very big will work...
I have some games running now, but I think we can fix it.

My email is, and my Skype alias jsantacruz65
Hello Kemp,

I am willing to play. WO is all virgin territory for me as well as a lot of AP. If you have something mind, I'm game. You can choose scenario and side. My email is

John Garlic
Weslaco, TX
sorry oversight...i meant to note about russians being fanatic in factories for this senario
From my reading of the Scenario SSRs CG11 RUSSIAN FANATICISM is in effect for this scenario (See SSR #1), the same is true for Scenario RB5 THE LAST BID.
thanks for answer..however makes no sense...if factories fortified in can they not for senarios..especially men of steel which recreates the cg
I don't know what you mean? Per SSR 4. for MEN OF STEEL all non-interior Factory hexes are frotified and the Russian player receives an additional 7 fortified building Locations.