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  • My favourites at the moment are McCallans 25yr old anniversary, Springbank 32, Talisker 30 yr old, Mortlach 40yr old and any Caol Isla cask strength.

    I'm a bit misty eyed myself. We've lost two local players in Seattle in the last year. And a third a bit earlier.

    We shouldn't take friends for granted.

    Be safe, and God bless you, Friend.
    "Usually the IIFT when I was playing."

    I've lost what tiny amount of respect I had for you, Sally Snide. :(
    Hi Darrell, Good to see you around again. I'm still hoping Ray will finish and release your second Iwo module and re-release the first. He said he is dead keen, but it is really a labour of love due to the limited interest in such ASL topics. I'll be either playing UV CG one day or replaying 119 with a doubled OOB - not sure which yet, perhaps both. Awsome ASL! Cheers. Jan.
    Thanks for the Happy Birthday wishes on Facebook. I guess I should check my page more often.

    Take care,

    Hi Darrell, finished "119", an awsome scenario. Marines clinched the victory due to their Smoke capability primarily. There is a rather long AAR in the sub forum. Great Stuff! Can't wait till Nishi Ridge and UV 2nd edition. Jan.
    That Rush crap will rot your brain young man, oh, too late!! Rush is great, got the WeR30 DVD from my son for fathers day, how cool is that! Thanks for the rep. Take care God bless and Rush on....
    Are you one of those preverts you're talking about? I can explain it if you aren't. :D
    Hi Darrell,
    Did you get my PM? Whats your verdict on the Runway/Road Hexes and the Sand? I don't mean to be a PITA! Sorry. I would guess the runway/road hexes are clear of sand, is this true?
    Hi again Darrell,
    I'm about to start my first 'Uncommon Valor' scenario. I've chosen the biggest one; "119". I'll be playing it solo and will let you know how I get on. Yeehaa! Iwo Jima here I come...LOL. ;)
    Hi Darrell, Like I said in my rep message; don't forget "First Day At Fuchin" from RBF2 - it is much like your fave scenario "Jungle Citadel". :)
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